Ani-com & Games Hong Kong 2022: Live drawing and personalized jigsaw puzzles in action!

When asking about any exciting activities in July? HK Book Fair and Ani-com & Games Hong Kong are going to be on most people’s lists. The latter will be held on 29 July to 2 August this year.

Even if you are not a big fan of anime, cosplay or computer/video games, there are still tons to explore and experience for individuals as well as families. It is a good event to follow the latest trends and technology.

We will partner with lolohoihoi, a local artist, to bring you a fun activity at the Ani-com & Games Hong Kong 2022. It is a live portrait drawing, which is then adopted as an element and printed on a customized jigsaw puzzle.

Introducing lolohoihoi

Awarding-winning Hong Kong artists, Wing Lo and Clayton Chau, are the creators of the characters of Lolo and Hoihoi. The daily life and stories of these two lovely girls are going to bring you memories and happiness.

The strokes and styles show the characteristics of some famous Hong Kong attractions. HKers can surely feel the artists’ love towards this place from all their work. One of the most popular themes is HK transportation. This collection consists of buses, mini-buses, taxis and ferries, etc. It is an interesting way to experience the city of Hong Kong, no matter whether you are a local citizen or a foreigner.

Moreover, some of the older transportations are no longer in service now. This makes such great materials for our younger generations to learn about local history and customs. 

Live drawing and personalize your unique puzzles

It is our honor to work with lolohoihoi in this year’s Ani-com & Games Hong Kong. Together we bring a wonderful product package to the event, including a postcard and a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Postcard: The theme of this big postcard is from the artwork collection of lolohoihoi. Our artist guests will draw live on the back side of the card, based on ideas suggested by you.
  • Puzzle: We then turn the drawing above into an element of a jigsaw puzzle for you. First of all, pick a background among some of the lolohoihoi’s artwork. It is optional to add messages, emojis or characters like lolo and hoihoi on the “stage”. Yes, you are the designer here for the puzzle!

Dads and mums, let’s design a unique puzzle with your kids and then play together at home. This is a perfect bonding activity and can create a memorable moment for parents and children.

Let’s experience this city from a different angle through their arts, and enjoy the bonding with your kids in assembling the puzzle together. Besides, it is a great opportunity to give support to the Hong Kong’s local artists.

QPMN x Lolohoihoi ACGHK2022
Date/Time: 29 July 2022 ; 2 August 2022 (10:00 – 8:00)
Venue: A24, 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong (Exhibition Centre MTR Station B1 Exit or Wanchai MTR A5 Exit)

Customize products for any purpose

In case you happen to miss out on this year’s event, you can always order customized products from our website at any time. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet collection, plus 10 minutes of time.

You can select from a variety of household goods, decoration items, and outdoor accessories. Apart from postcards and puzzles, there are playing cards, tote bags, fanny packs, baseball caps, coasters, and more. They are ideal for any purpose and scenario, for example:

  • Growth records: Print your boys’ and girls’ photographs on a jigsaw puzzle every year. Not only is it a wonderful toy that can benefit their development, but it is also a record of their growth history.
  • Gift idea: You can create such a special gift for festivals or events, to express your gratitude or best wishes.
  • Company image: Boss, consider customizing baseball caps, t-shirts or button pins. They are essentially a form of uniforms with the company logo printed.
  • Marketing: Everyone must have received gifts like tote bags or keychains from shops. This is a good medium to remind the customers about your brands, products and services.
  • Raise awareness: Likewise, this is effective in raising awareness and supporting a cause, e.g. charity or eco-friendly campaigns.
  • Share interest: Let’s form a group of people who share the same interest, such as fans of a singer, sports lovers or team members.

Please visit our website here. Sure you are going to find some items that can stimulate your unlimited creativity.

Personalization is the business trend

hands of a female tailor working on a sewing machine, concept of manual work and hobbies, dark style and selective focus

Personalization becomes more popular in various businesses lately. There are more and more products and services becoming tailor-made to some degree, such as phone cases and investment plans. Customers are no longer pleased with the default or pre-defined options. They are tired of seeing the same designs everywhere.

Let’s try to put the customers in charge and offer them the freedom to get what they desire (as close as possible). Over time, this pushes the print-on-demand market to expand and develop. Now, it gets to be easier and more flexible to order online from anywhere in the world.

No way your designs can satisfy everyone’s need or want, and personalization seems to help fill the gap here somehow.

POD becomes a hit since the COVID-19 pandemic

While the pandemic hit, there were lockdowns in many countries that forced people to stay home. Many had to rely on online shopping to get goods. This also benefited the POD business which has recorded a big jump in sales since.

Jigsaw puzzles are particularly popular items during COVID-19. People suffered and were trapped at home with no or very limited interaction with friends, outdoor activities and entertainment. Everyone desperately needs to find some joy and relief during this difficult time.

Puzzles come to the rescue as you do not need a partner to play with. The game gives you a private moment to stay away from the chaos outside. Also, it helps distract you temporarily from whatever problems. Believe me, a calm moment and a sense of accomplishment can truly make your day.

Needless to say, board/card games like this are good for anyone at any age. They are proved to be beneficial to brain health and motor skills, for both children and the elderly.

Experts foresee that the POD business should continue to grow in the future. The evolving technology and automation will push the costs even lower. People are expected to be more willing to spend on personalized products. All these mean more profit to come and the prospect looks fairly bright.

The first step to converting your creation into a business

Smell a business opportunity? Customization is made simple now, and the same as starting and running a POD business.

Artists, designers, or illustrators may wish to convert their creations into some products. Isn’t it cool to have your characters printed on a jigsaw puzzle, t-shirts or tote bags? You would be over the moon when seeing people wearing the products on the street or using any of them.

We understand that starting a business could be overwhelming to many people. So, QPMN is here to prepare everything essential, in order to help you take the first big step.

Website or online shop owners can simply install the free plugin (supporting WordPress and Shopify) and connect to QPMN. You can then import products from the services and be ready to sell them to the public. No worries, we will handle the remaining tasks for you.

As mentioned above, your customers can personalize on top of your designs. For instance, they can write a message for their loved ones. So customizable!

All the hard work is done by QPMN

Once a customer purchases from you, the shop owner simply forwards the information via the plugin to the system and pays for the order. Your part is very much done here, as we will handle the remaining tasks for you. QPMN then prints and produces, packages and delivers the item directly to the customer.

Boss, you no longer need to worry about stock storage or inventory management here. Not only does it spare your time and effort, but you can also save budget and reduce risk! These are the characteristics of the popular online business models, dropshipping and print-on-demand (POD).

For anyone who has not yet owned a website or an online store, you are also in good hands. Please visit SnapShop and spend a few minutes registering an account. Next, import the products you would like to sell (e.g. jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, tote bags… more to add) to your brand new e-shop. Your business is ready to launch!  

We aim to help you with all the initial setup as much as possible, so you can concentrate on product creation and promotion.

Even better, QPMN provides a special offer for our entrepreneurs, called Bulk Discount. You always have the chance to save more: Combine orders together (from multiple stores and different customers) where the products are of the same specifications.

This way, you can receive a certain discount on placing orders with us. In other words, it leads to a bigger profit margin for your business. The more orders you group together, the more discount you can get!

Experience the fun and support our local artists

Thank you for the latest technology of eCommerce. Everyone can take part and experience how to personalize products at any time. Just visit our website and customize any products you like. After the production, we will send the items to you or deliver them to your family and friends. This makes such a great gift idea.

Artists and designers can easily convert their artworks and creations into products. No need for any prior IT knowledge, you can have your online store ready to sell your designed products and fund your work. Be a business partner with QPMN, and leave us to handle the production processes for you. So, you can focus on your creations and product promotions.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth in Ani-com & Games Hong Kong 2022. There you can experience in person how to customize a unique jigsaw puzzle, and express your support for our local artist, lolohoihoi, as well.


Ani-com & Games Hong Kong 2022

Date: 29 July 2022 to 2 August 2022

Address: A24, 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong (Exhibition Centre MTR Station B1 Exit or Wanchai MTR Station A5 Exit)

Venue: Hall 1, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Website: https://www.qpmarkets.com/lolohoihoi/