What’s a Combined Order in QPMN? How can it help significantly maximize your profit?

Bulk discount from QPMN is going to save you budget. Combining orders will receive a discount and reduce your cost.

In this article, we will explain in detail How can QPMN’s Combined Order Bulk Discount help designers/shops earn more. Before that, let’s recap what is QPMN and its services. QPMN offers POD services for designers. You can sell custom products with your designs worldwide in easy steps. For website/shop owners, there is a simple WooCommerce plugin or a Shopify app to connect to the QPMN. Otherwise, you can register an account and start a store at SnapShop.

Then, the steps are easy as running any store: Select available products from QPMN, and add your designs on playing cards, jigsaw puzzles, and tote bags (more to come). Next, you set up payment methods, prices, and shipping methods, and your business is ready to kick-off!

But, there is a unique offer from QPMN: Combined Order Bulk Discount. To make a profit from any business, we always want to boost revenue as well as reduce any costs. This is how to increase the profit margin when placing orders at QPMN. No need to increase the selling prices and take the risk of scaring your potential customers away.

What exactly is a Combined Order Bulk Discount in QPMN?

This is as simple as grouping multiple orders into a “Combined Order” and earning a bigger discount. To your surprise, the best thing is that those orders are not limited to customers, designs, shops, or dates. To clarify, the products in question need to be the same specifications, and we are going to elaborate more below…

Before that, let’s recap a bit of how things work in the POD and dropshipping model:

  1. Put the items for sale at your shop and promote
  2. Customers order and pay for any products
  3. You pass the orders and pay the providers for production and everything
  4. They will then handle the rest, including printing, packaging, and shipment directly to your customers

Bulk Discount plays the role around Step 3. After you click on the button to send orders over to QPMN, you can group the orders together into a combined order and warrant a certain discount. Certainly, the larger quantity in this combined order, the better rate you receive.

What makes QPMN combined order bulk discounts so special and powerful?

Designers/Shop owners can manage and combine orders at their account in QPMN, “Combine Orders“. Here you can select orders and group them together before passing them over for production. This way, you can earn the bulk discount and save some budget. Most importantly, it means more profit to your business!

Nevertheless, not any random orders can be grouped into a combined order, here are a few criteria to notice:

  • Unlimited designs: No limitations on designs, as the same product specs (see examples below) with any designs are alright to be included.
  • No time limit: You can group orders from any date together.
  • To different locations: Flexible on destinations too. Naturally, you may receive orders from countries around the world.
  • From different platforms: Designers may have opened multiple shops for each of their design niches. As long as these shops are under the same QPMN account, he/she can consolidate orders (same product specs, see below) from any platform and enjoy the bulk discount.
  • Same product specs: This is basically the only restriction – the products in all the combined orders must be of the same specifications. The scenarios below should explain better…

QPMN bulk discount combined order cost business online shop designer product spec location customer quantity reduce profit margin account
Credit: Mikhail Nilov

Examples of Combined Orders for Bulk Discount

Case 1: Combining orders from different designs and dates to enjoy a bulk discount

AUSA19.25″x28″ (1,000-piece) jigsaw puzzle (ESKA paper board)XMonday
BUK19.25″x28″ (1,000-piece) jigsaw puzzle (ESKA paper board) YTuesday
CDE19.25″x28″ (1,000-piece) jigsaw puzzle (ESKA paper board) ZFriday

The above orders are eligible to form a Combined Order and you can then enjoy a bulk discount. Notice that the orders are made on different dates… yes, to make the best out of Bulk Discount, you can wait a while for more orders and hopefully group them together and get a bigger discount. That is to say, it is flexible and you have all the control!

Case 2: Enjoy bulk discount by combining orders from different designs and shops

DIndia19.25″x28″ (1,000-piece) jigsaw puzzle (ESKA paper board) X#1
EUK19.25″x28″ (1,000-piece) jigsaw puzzle (ESKA paper board) Y#2
FUSA19.25″x28″ (1,000-piece) jigsaw puzzle (ESKA paper board) x 3Y#2
GUSA19.25″x28″ (1,000-piece) jigsaw puzzle x 2Z#3

Assume that this designer owns Shop #1, #2, and #3, and has them under the same QPMN account. In this case, he/she can group the orders above into a combined order and send them over for production for a bulk discount. It should help save more than Case 1 because of the bigger quantity (3 items in Case 1 vs. 7 items in this case).

Case 3: Only products with same specifications can earn a bulk discount via combined orders

HGermany 20″x30″ (1,000-piece) jigsaw puzzle (ESKA paper board) X
ICanada 20″x30″ (500-piece) jigsaw puzzle (ESKA paper board) Y
JUSA 19.25″x28″ (1,000-piece) jigsaw puzzle (ESKA paper board) Y
KUSA 19.25″x28″ (1,000-piece) jigsaw puzzle (ESKA paper board) x 2Z

In this case, four orders together are not eligible for the Bulk Discount. The reason is that they are of different specifications (i.e. size/dimension and number of pieces).

However, as you may notice the 3rd and 4th orders could be grouped together into a combined order. Of course, time is not a limit at all, so you can wait a day or so, and see if you can group some more new orders together with them later (maybe some for the 1st and 2nd as well).

Just be careful: Don’t keep your customers waiting for too long…

At last, QPMN takes care of grouped orders, just like individual orders. So, they make no difference in production, packaging, and shipping to each customer. But, you have saved a significant amount of money!


Anyway, this is a bonus feature from QPMN to help designers/shop owners reduce their business costs, and of course, earn more. Above all, both QPMN plugins and SnapShop users can enjoy the same advantage of Bulk Discount.

To sum up, even though there is a restriction in product specifications, it remains a very flexible way to save some costs. As a result, you can use the budget elsewhere and boost your business.