How to connect Shopify App

Follow our steps and your eShop will be ready for selling custom products in 5 minutes!

We print, pick, pack and ship it: Don’t stress over overseeing Inventory. We will print and drop-ship your items directly to your customers.

Print-on-demand & Customizable

Turn your online store into a Print-on-Demand one selling 100% customizable products with premium quality and designs

Combine Orders for Huge Discount

Get huge discount on Combined order – grouping small quantity orders, from different customers, designs, dates, stores, NO Inventory

Start Selling at Zero Upfront

No startup costs, no need inventory, or worries about equipment or handling. It takes seconds to create products. No expertise needed.

Step 0: Register QPMN Partner Account

Step 1: Install Shopify App

Step 2: Create QPMN product on Shopify eShop

Step 3: Create products with your design

Step 4: Transfer and combine order in QPMN

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