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Elevate your business with QPMN’s high quality custom playing cards! Whether you’re starting a card business or need a sales boost, our custom printing solutions are designed for success.

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Hong Kong Machines Playing Card - King Design

Spiritual Guidance Cards

Oracle Cards | Tarot Cards | Affirmation Cards | Guidance Cards

Personalize every aspect of your cards to create a tailor-made experience for divination, self-discovery, and spiritual exploration. Infuse your unique vision and energy into the imagery, messages, and insights.


  • Custom Oracle Cards

  • Tatro Cards

  • Affirmation Cards

  • Guidance Cards....

Traditional Playing Cards

Playing Cards  | Poker Playing Cards | Bridge Playing Cards | Euchre Playing Cards

Level up your game nights with our custom playing cards, perfect as a unique gift or for your playing card project. Experience endless entertainment and social interaction with our high-quality collection of traditional playing cards. Elevate every game night and make memories that will last a lifetime. Let the fun begin!


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  • Custom Wedding/Anniversary Gifts

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Interactive Gaming and Entertainment Cards

Game Cards | Tabletop Games | Board Games | Card Game

Unleash your creativity and create your own card games to sell worldwide. QPMN provides a wide range of board game and card game elements to support your needs. Redefine entertainment and make your mark in the gaming industry with us. Let your imagination soar and start your journey with QPMN today!


  • Custom Drinking Card game

  • Custom Party Card game

  • Custom Board Games

  • Custom Quiz Games Cards....

Trading Cards and Collectible Cards

Custom Trading Cards | Custom Proxy Cards | Custom Collectible Cards | Custom Proxy Cards

Create a unique custom trading cards that make perfect gifts or boost sales for your IP characters. These cards are a valuable art form that captures the hearts of collectors. With your stunning designs, these cards become treasured masterpieces. Experience the joy of collecting and design your way to greatness with our exceptional trading cards.


  • Personalized Card Gifts

  • Custom Soccer Cards

  • Custom Baseball Cards

  • Custom Racing Cards...

Artistic Cardistry and Illusion Cards

Custom Magic Trick Cards | Custom Trick Decks | Cardistry card | Custom Playing Cards for Magic

Spark your creativity with our artistic cardistry and illusion cards. Designed for mesmerizing performances, our custom magic trick cards and trick decks will enchant your audience with visually stunning displays. Explore our selection of cardistry cards and custom playing cards for magic, and prepare to astonish with mind-bending tricks. Take your magic to new heights with our collection of gimmicked and gaffed decks.


  • Custom Cardistry Cards

  • Custom Magic Trick Cards

  • Custom Collectors Cards

  • Custom Premium card decks

Educational Learning and Knowledge Cards

Custom Flashcards | Custom Matching Cards | Custom Fact Cards | Custom Education Cards

Spark a passion for learning with personalized educational cards. Reinforce concepts and improve recall abilities in classrooms, tutoring sessions, or self-study. Unleash your creativity and design custom cards for a unique learning journey.


  • Vocabulary Flashcards

  • Custom Fact Cards

  • Team Building Cards

  • Custom Matching Cards...

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