What’s SnapShop? How can designers build a shop and sell products in minutes?

For designers who do not own a website/shop, SnapShop is a simple way to connect QPMN and start your store.

Having your characters or artworks printed on playing cards, jigsaw puzzles and tote bags is super cool. Sure your fans/followers would enjoy as much as you do with those products.

With the QPMN plugin, it takes a few easy steps to connect QPMN and convert your website into a shop instantly. But, here comes a few questions:

  • So, what if you have not yet owned a website or an e-shop?
  • Or, if you want to explore/expand your business kingdom in the paper product industry?
  • Simply build a shop for a different product line, independent of your existing shop(s)?

SnapShop is an online shop platform developed along with QPMN. It allows you to set up your own store in just a few minutes. It takes care of all the hassles in building a website or online shop. So, you no longer need to deal with web hosting, domain, security, and other technical stuff.

Believe it or not, all of these are free! Start monetizing your designs and establish your business online…

What do you need to join SnapShop?

All you need is to register two accounts: One for SnapShop, which is your storefront to manage the shop (appearance, sidebar, etc.), products (price, availability, etc.), and marketing (e.g. coupon, “related products”). Another is for QPMN, it helps you connect to the network. This lets designers/shop owners import available products and pass on orders for production.

It is incredibly easy to start your business with SnapShop! The best thing here is to handle all the hassles for everyone, who may not be familiar with IT and web technology at all.

SnapShop is based on the famous WordPress platform. Our developers are going to handle all the hard work for you, handing you a quick start. You do not need a web hosting service or WordPress installation, as the usual way to build an online store.

Everything is being taken care of, from security to responsiveness, from site speed to updates, for our users. Ideal for designers to focus on their creations! Check out Designer SnapShops here: Designers SnapShops @QPMN

Tailor-made shop design for designers

SnapShop has the essentials ready when your account is activated. You can start connecting to QPMN with a few clicks and adding products from the network. Set up your payment information, and you can start your business right away!

However, we do understand our designers: They want something original in their shops, separating themselves from the rest. More than templates or canned designs!

In case you happen to know WordPress and Elementor, you can build things the way you like. Bringing your creativity to your own shop is pleasing.

On the other hand, if you are not familiar with the above or are simply too busy to deal with website design, let our professionals tailor-make a theme for your shop. It is original and only for you!

Here are several designers who are running their businesses at SnapShop:

They are all designed and produced by our developers. Let us know what you want to see in your shop, and we are ready to help! Even better, the entire process is completely free, including this webshop design.

Steps to starting your shop at SnapShop

You can import POD products from QPMN and start selling. Once added, the description and image are automatically imported straight to your shop. You just have to name a price and publish it for sale!

We want you to focus on your designs and marketing strategies. So, we have made the steps as simple as possible:

  1. Picking the products you want to sell: playing cards, jigsaw puzzles and tote bags, and more to come
  2. Creating unique products with your designs on characters/artworks on puzzles, bags, etc.
  3. Name the prices: test the profit margin in the market
  4. Setting up payment method: to collect money from customers’ orders
  5. Promoting your products: any platforms you like, even easier if you already have a good fan base

As in WooCommerce (and WordPress), there are always the usual features to boost sales, such as coupons, upsells, and cross-sells. Feel free to experiment with your marketing strategy here!

Siu Road and itchyhands at SnapShop

QPMN Hub: A collection of all our designer shops

The next stage of SnapShop is to build a platform that showcases all the products/shops from the network. This is the reason why we are looking for more designers to join, a step to build a big community of designers worldwide.

This works like a hub or a shopping mall, having all our designer shops together can always benefit each other. It is going to be a marketplace for designer product lovers around the world.

We sincerely hope that you could be part of our designer partners!


SnapShop is young and still has a lot to do. We are eager to take the next step in order to grow. We hope that designers from anywhere around the globe can join and be part of this network.

As said, this service does not cost anything at all. We do not have an account fee or extra cost for tailor-made shop designs. Free to start!

Don’t waste time dealing with printing/production, packaging, and shipping! QPMN will handle all the above for you, just as other POD and dropshipping services.

There are many platforms for building online shops, specializing in various fields. QP is a specialist in paper products and has been in the industry for years. Qualities are guaranteed!

Should you want to have your designs printed on playing cards, jigsaw puzzles, and tote bags, this is the right place you may consider joining and selling the products. Even better, it is completely free to join the business here!