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Are these challenges preventing you from creating card games for sale?

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Are the following the things you need?

That's why we stand out

With QPMN, you can prototype and test the market at a lower cost.

QPMN print-on-demand service

Forget about inventory and fulfillment issues – focus on creating and selling amazing card games.

Selling card games has never been easier!

Even if your sales haven’t grown significantly yet, you can still get a bulk discount by combining different orders from different dates with various designs.

At every stage, QPMN is here to help you grow and provide support. Partner with QPMN, your friendly card game printing expert NOW.

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Competitive Price

Our competitive pricing starts with our original rate, and you can save even more with our

  1. Bulk discounts for different designs within the same order, and
  2. Combined order discounts across multiple orders

To get custom pricing based on your specific needs, click the “Full Product Bulk Price” tag under each card catalogue after choosing card specifications.

Card Size

a playing card that made by PS30 a playing card that made by WP10

Our Card Stocks

Affordable option

Classic Smooth (CS27):
Excellent print quality for a wallet-friendly price. This option features a blue core to prevent show-through.

Premium Option

Deluxe Smooth (DS33):
Ultra-smooth, top-of-the-line cardstock for superior color & durability.

Ideal for game creators seeking the absolute best.

Waterproof Option

Waterproof Plastic (WP10):
Our plastic cards are 100% white plastic, 13pt thick, durable, water-resistant, and perfect for premium, long-lasting cardstock.

Ideal for those seeking durability and excellent handling.

Printing and Finish

Elevate your custom card game with eye-catching Gold, Silver, or Holographic foil designs.

Adding foil to your card game really makes them pop! It brings an extra sparkle and depth, giving them a luxurious and memorable appearance.

Customers often perceive foil-enhanced cards as high-quality, which can boost the emotional connection with the positive messages conveyed.

Use foil finishes to showcase your brand and help it stand out in the market.

A hand holding 3 cards with silver foil A hand holding 3 holographic cards
A white label custom tuck box for card deck


Explore QPMN’s diverse packaging options for your card game, including shrink wrap, card boxes, and uncut sheets.

We offer a variety of choices to meet your specific needs and enhance the overall presentation of your cards.

4 simple steps to order sample

Step 1 : Sign Up

Step 1 : Sign Up

Provide your personal details, including your shipping address.

Step 2: Select Preferences​

Step 2: Select Preferences

Go to the catalog page, select card size, card stock, quantity, printing, etc

Step 3: Upload Design

Step 3: Upload Design

Include both the front and back of your card

Step 4: Payment

Step 4: Payment

Choose your preferred payment option

Why choose QPMN as your card game printing partner

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Contact us for free consultation

Discuss your business with our Growth Manager.

Let’s grow together!


No, there isn’t.

While our charging model starts from 18 cards, you have the flexibility to adjust the quantity of your deck to even just 1 card, ensuring that you get precisely what you need for your custom card game.

Enjoy the convenience of using QPMN POD for free, with no charges for connecting to points of sale or marketplaces.

QPMN’s design tool allows you to create custom apparel and accessories that can be sold to your customers. By adding your own text and uploaded designs, you can create unique products that reflect your brand and style. The Customizer is easy to use and offers a range of customization options to bring your ideas to life.

Controlling your brand experience is crucial, and that includes the moment your customer receives their package. We give you the option to customize our shipping labels to display your store name and address, giving the impression that you shipped the package yourself. Our packaging is always based on the order quantity and contents to ensure safe and secure delivery.