Custom Fanny Pack: Stylish fashion, and practical and functional

There are many ways in wearing a fanny pack: around the waist, across the shoulder, or close to the chest.

When going out, we bring our belongings in a backpack, shoulder bag, or cross-body bag. However, it comes a problem: We do not always have that much to take, or we simply want to maintain lightweight. This is a possible solution: Try fanny packs!

Belt bags or waist packs were popular in the 1980 and 90s. So, I can understand that you may think it is rather old-fashioned in this century. But, it is not the case for customizing fanny packs! You can have any styles of your own, even becoming a business if you are a designer.

You can design a fanny pack with your own ideas or artwork. Adding images, text, or patterns on its front side, top, and back, to make it unique among others.

At “Make Tote Bags”, creating your customized fanny packs is super easy. You can express your creativity in such a flexible way. If you cannot find your favorite fanny packs in the market, then why not go and custom a fanny pack here? Even better, the more you purchase, the more discount you can receive.

Why is it called “fanny pack”?

The term originated in the United States. “Fanny” actually means “butt” in US slang. The reason is quite obvious: We have it tied around our waists and the small bag is hung on top of our bottom.

So, yes, it may not be the most polite term in some cultures. Please beware that people from e.g. England, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, may find the term offensive. You may better call it “belt bag” and “waist pack” instead.

So… why wear fanny packs?

Fanny packs seem to get more attention in recent years. There are possibly a few reasons, but for any bags or containers, the most important is the practicality and functionality.

For some time, fanny packs are considered too small and could not store many things at all. Should we have the stuff to bring along, we may opt for a backpack, shoulder bag, or tote bag. Or, we go as lightweight as possible, then simply take the wallet and keys to go.

However, people seem to re-discover its benefits and potential now…

custom fanny packs waist pack belt bag convenience fashion style design wallet key mobile phone hand-free easy travel pickpocket protect safe
credit: Jose Luis Espindola


Despite the limitation of their size, fanny packs are definitely more convenient to bring, than other bags. The advantage is its lightweight and convenience. It is never a burden on your waist. You can simply tie it around your waist and get going in a minute.

Every fanny pack lover should agree that the best thing is the ability to free up both of your hands. Backpack and shoulder bags may do the same but surely cannot reach the same level of freedom.

Suitable for different purposes

Years ago, we just take wallets and keys to go out. If you go jogging or biking, you may need to bring a few more items: a smartphone, a small towel, or a snack bar. Now, due to the pandemic, there are face masks, a bag of tissues, and hand sanitizer, just in case.

This way, all the items could not fit in the pockets of your pants. A fanny pack comes in to rescue here.

Protection from pick-pocket

Backpacks and shoulder bags could be grabbed by anyone on the street. To keep your valuable belongings safe, you would want them close to your body, as close as possible. A fanny pack is the best option among all bags.

This is particularly important while traveling. Wearing it close to your chest or belly can keep money, credit card, mobile phone, passport, and air tickets, away from pick-pocketers at all times.

Custom fanny packs become a fashion

American model Kendall Jenner seems to lead the trend of fanny packs lately. She simply loves them, and you can find photos of her with various fanny packs. If you are tired of the traditional way of wearing, you may be inspired by her…

There are even review pages of her fanny pack history. Her collections are often at reasonable prices. But, If they are not your cup of tea, let’s custom fanny packs with your own designs and ideas.

custom fanny packs waist pack belt bag travel street wearing hand-free convenient belongings out sport workout exercise items
credit: Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz

Various ways to wear

Not only is a fanny pack so practical and functional, but it has also become a fashion recently. It is more than just having your design by customizing your own bags. The fact is that there are so many ways in wearing one: around the waist (facing front or back), over the shoulder, across your chest, inside or outside the jacket.

Please let us know if you think of any creative way.

Custom fanny pack for marketing and branding

We often see t-shirts printed with a certain brand and logo, especially popular for start-up companies. Print-on-demand (POD) is always one of the marketing channels for campaigns and events.

To differentiate from others, how about personalizing fanny packs for business? Having every staff and participant wear waist packs of your brand and logo, or the title of the campaign and event could help impress your potential customers.

A T-shirt is limited in wearing, while you can wear a waist bag in so many ways. In addition, this is a super practical and functional accessory, for any purpose.

Make Tote Bags” allows you the simplest way to personalize your own fanny packs. If you are a designer and interested in monetizing your designs and starting a business, you may connect your website/shop to QPMN and add the product for further design. Alternatively, you can simply register an account at SnapShop and start selling right away. Even better, enjoy the Bulk Discount, so you can possibly save more on the cost.