Why do jigsaw puzzles become a big hit during the pandemic?

We suffer difficult time during the pandemic. Believe it or not, jigsaw puzzle is going to help offer some comfort and more.

Under the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are stuck at home or work at home during lockdowns. This changes our habits and living, and nobody is exempted from the crisis. It may sound awkward, but give a jigsaw puzzle a try and you may be surprised…

Being trapped at home for an extended period of time is no fun. As a matter of fact, it is even harmful to our physical and mental health. At this difficult time when chaos is everywhere, you may not have the mood to seek fun. However, this is exactly the moment that you really need something to boost your mood.

People get depressed since the breakout of COVID-19. This is the importance of bringing fun and having fun, helping us get through the pandemic.

However, you are not allowed to go out and breathe some fresh air. No jogging, biking, and swimming during the lockdown. More, to shut down any contact and interaction with people, you cannot meet friends and relatives. So, that means no more poker, barbecue, or ball games. Sorry!

So, have you played Wordle?

Humans are flexible and surely will find a way out. Just look at the phenomenon of the game “Wordle” since October 2021…

Wordle is such a simple spelling game, that it instantly took the web by storm. Not only do people visit the game every day and play, but the discussion has also become a daily hot topic. Shortly after, you must stumble upon a bunch of variations on the internet as well as mobile phone apps.

Following the trend, crossword and spelling games also become popular. Even if not interested in playing, people still like watching others solve puzzles or games. Look at Cracking the Cryptic, a YouTube channel, which has over 470k followers. Audiences just tune in and witness them solving Wordle and Sudoku.

Apart from these traditional broad games, the sales of jigsaw puzzles have been soaring during the pandemic.

Wordle has been a phenomenon. How a simple spelling game can take everyone's heart.
credit: Nils Huenerfuerst

Why do people pick up jigsaw puzzles during the pandemic?

Playing puzzles is like building. You know the theme and are going to get something amazing: cartoon characters, scenery, paintings, or your favorite movies. As we are restricted in traveling, looking at some beautiful landscapes and pictures should give us some joy.

Of course, you can always customize jigsaw puzzles of your own designs.

Let’s see what this seemingly ordinary game can bring us while being trapped at home due to COVID-19…


Broad games, such as Scrabble and Cluedo, could be too complicated or overwhelming to some. But, jigsaw puzzles are probably problem free here. People of any age can play with puzzles, including toddlers and the elderly. If 1,000-piece overwhelms you, then you can always start with 500-piece or fewer first.

Don’t need a partner to play!

Playing cards and broad games require partners to play together. For jigsaw puzzles, you can always play alone. Of course, if your family is around, let’s team up or challenge each other. Have some valuable interaction even not able to go out.

Sense of accomplishment

Puzzling gives us a sense of success. Completing a puzzle is proof of working hard and you earn a well-deserved achievement. This is the nature of the problem-solving games. The feel-good factor is going to make your day.

A piece of art at home

You can easily find a topic of puzzles that you like, e.g. characters, movies, and paintings. After the fun of puzzling, it makes a piece of great art in your bedroom or living room. Sure this will cheer you up whenever looking at the product.

Keep focused, away from chaos

During this tough time, it may be a good idea to take your focus off of something else. Puzzling help us concentrate on just the pieces in front of us. You may be fighting to find a piece of “green leaves” or something looking like “feathers of a bird”. It helps bring some “Me Time” and clear your brain, at least for a while.

Goal to live with and challenge without pressure

After conquering this size of a jigsaw puzzle, you may eager to challenge yourself for another 500-piece or even a 1,000-piece and above. You are at your own pace and there is never any pressure in playing puzzles (better than work!). So, take your time and tackle them… it feels good to have an achievable goal to work towards. Keep yourself motivated!

Sense of order during the pandemic

COVID-19 has brought chaos to our lives, and puzzling gives us a sense of order and completion. This could be an affordable solution for everyone to get through this hard time.

Puzzling help people focus on a task. This is a break to stay away from all the chaos.
credit: Ross Sneddon

Simulate your creativity

If you cannot find any puzzles you like, why not create your own? You can upload your own images, and create a unique version. Personalized puzzles are welcome gifts for family and friends. Let’s share the joy and fun with them and cheer them up!

Traveling puzzles

This is a brand new idea and could make everyone’s life happy. It works this way: Participants complete a jigsaw puzzle and take a photograph of the finished product. Then, he/she disassembles the set and mails it to the next person. You may also add a message for him/her and offer some encouragement or best wishes.

This way, you can try new puzzles at a very low cost and enjoy the fun of sharing with fellow puzzle makers. There are online communities and social media platforms where people help organize the activity.


Games are about love. The author of Wordle created it for his partner, who is a big fan of crossword and spelling games. Likewise, we can bring ourselves love and spread love to others via jigsaw puzzles.

Regardless of what you are aiming for or how you living is under the pandemic, puzzling can no doubt give you a break every now and then. So, let’s try staying away from your smartphone and tablet, and spend time on jigsaw puzzles. Sure it can bring you some happiness and wellness.