Custom jigsaw puzzles to make perfect gifts

Customized jigsaw puzzles are great gift ideas. Personalize them with your favorite images and messages and make it unique presents for your loved ones.

Everyone loves receiving presents. Likewise, sending gifts to your family and friends is also a nice feeling. It makes your day when seeing how delighted they are. However, it is always a challenge to think of a perfect gift idea for the special person in your life… Let’s custom jigsaw puzzles!

To impress and cheer your loved ones, how about personalizing the present and making it unique for you? The simple idea includes printing photographs or greeting messages on the items.

If you think photographs with frames are too boring, then personalized jigsaw puzzles could be the way to go. They can play with the puzzles first, and after finished, have them stay on the shelf or hung on the wall. A game and art in one!

Why customized jigsaw puzzles are popular?

Buying ideal gifts could always be tricky. If you are not too familiar with him/her, it is hard to come up with a perfect idea. On the other hand, for your close family and good friends, you want to try your best to make it memorable, separated from previous ones.

The COVID-19 pandemic actually plays a role that drives the sales of jigsaw puzzles and other broad games.

Let’s see why a jigsaw puzzle is such a good gift idea:

Jigsaw puzzles Lasts longer than photographs

Speaking about memory, photographs bring back the occasions to your mind. They might be pictures taken at vacations, graduation ceremonies, weddings, or any anniversaries when you spend valuable time together.

Framed photographs are just dull. Most importantly, printed images may not last long. Let’s take the greatest picture to the advanced level: Print it into a customized photo puzzle.

2 in 1: Game and Decoration

Once you have finished playing, you can frame the puzzle and hang it on the wall. It makes a good piece of art at home or the workplace, just like paintings.

Apart from memory, this is essentially a stylish decoration in your living room or office. Not limited to photographs, you can customize by designing, drawing, or painting anything. If it happens that you are a designer, you should consider having your masterpieces at your studio.

This is actually a real business opportunity to monetize your artwork. Regardless of whether you have owned a website/shop, QPMN and SnapShop have solutions for you.

Break the ice and start a conversation

Naturally, personalized jigsaw puzzles can catch more attention than any ordinary photos, on the wall, coffee table, or shelves. It could be a good topic for starting a conversation and breaking the ice when your relatives come over for a visit. This is the moment to start a dialogue by telling the stories behind the puzzles.

Even better, let’s tell them how you custom these jigsaw puzzles and enjoy the fun together!


Show off your creativity and custom jigsaw puzzles!

You can customize jigsaw puzzles any way you like. After uploading your photographs or artwork, you can add messages for any special occasion. Be it “Happy Birthday!”, “Congratulations”, or some touching and motivational words to offer your sincere support!

Aside from text messages, you are free to add stickers, colors, shapes, or anything you can imagine. This is so much fun in the process for the creators, and the recipients would feel the same as well.

Ideal for anyone at any ages

Puzzles may seem too much for some people. But, the fact is that there are various sizes and numbers of pieces available, not necessarily a thousand pieces. It makes puzzles the ideal presents for anyone, from children to teenagers, from adults to the elderly.

Jigsaw puzzles are good for health in many ways and for everyone. Kids are growing, and playing puzzles are helping them develop their learning skills, motor skills as well as problem-solving techniques. In addition, it is such a good way to train their patience and concentration, and it can help them stay focused. These would be vastly beneficial in their growth and learning in schools. Better than handing them a smartphone, tablet, or TV!

Customized puzzle gifts for children

Don’t worry about this toy being too much for your kids. You can pick ones of fewer and bigger pieces, according to their ages. They could be as few as 12 pieces or even less, suitable for toddlers aged three or four. Other than the traditional cardboard, puzzles can be made of materials, such as magnetic and metallic, plastics, or wooden. So, hopefully, the toys can be kept longer.

More, to make it more fun, their favorite animals or objects (e.g. cars, buses, and trains) would make good themes for the puzzles. They undoubtedly make them super excited.


Jigsaw puzzles gifts for elderly

Of course, improving brain and motor functions is also beneficial for seniors, who may start to suffer some cognitive decline. Besides, it keeps them occupied to avoid boredom, as well as boosts their moods.

Puzzles of their favorite memories, such as pictures of their wedding or grandchildren, may help them more engaged in playing. Start from something like 50 or 100 pieces first, and up the challenge later!

Jigsaw puzzles for adults

A jigsaw puzzle is a good game/tool to reduce stress. Let’s step away from the busy living every day, and also take a break from all the technologies in computers and mobile phones. It is so valuable to have a private moment every now and then, with yourselves only (so-called “Me Time”). Also, this can help boost short-term memory and attention to detail.

One step at a time: Start from 100 to 200 pieces first. Should you be looking for a challenge, you can always get a bigger set next time, or of other themes.

Playing with Family and Friends

Apart from playing cards, jigsaw puzzles are such a fun game for gatherings. You can bond with family and friends by playing together or even challenging each other. Enjoy some interactions and collaborations!

Regardless of whether you play alone or as a team, the sense of accomplishment after completion is incredible. Sure anyone at any age would enjoy the fun.

Custom jigsaw puzzles are fun!

To some people, 1,000-piece (or even 500-piece) may sound too much to start. It is actually much easier for customized jigsaw puzzles with your memorable photographs. For example, the family events have always been deep in your mind, so you are so familiar with the composition and more engaged when playing.

If it is something funny, then this is a good opportunity to bring back the memory and everyone can have a laugh again!

Build your own collections

A customized jigsaw puzzle is a good medium to record memories. Instead of photographs, how about printing kids’ photographs on jigsaw puzzles every year? Printing a new set for each year’s birthday, or any milestones (e.g. walking his/her first step, entering school) would become a great collection for all parents.

Seen enough why and how jigsaw puzzles can make such a good gift idea? “Create Jigsaw Puzzles” has made the production super easy for you now. You can customize and order personalized puzzles for your loved ones, and they will be sent directly to them. Get them a surprise present!

To make it your business

With QPMN Shopify or WooCommerce integrations or SnapShop, you can easily customize paper products for them, such as jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, tote bags, and more. Monetizing your designs can never be easier.