Trending T-shirt Design Ideas in 2023

Everyone can have his/her own t-shirt design, to reflect unique style and character. Here are some trending ideas in 2022!

Everyone is going to have at least a t-shirt on standby in any season, especially in the summer. It is comfortable and easy, perfect for most casual occasions. Some like it simple, while others want a design to make it unique. This is why we all love t-shirts!

From a business’s perspective, the t-shirt is also a trending product for the print-on-demand (POD) market. It is getting more popular in recent years, and everyone can personalize and order a t-shirt online. Thank you for POD and dropshipping.

All fashions have trends, and so are t-shirts. So, what is its design trend in 2023? This is important news for customers to order the trending t-shirts for this summer, and for designers/shop owners to boost sales in the coming seasons.

Overview of T-shirt Design Trends

T-shirt is always our daily item for basically everyone, of any age. This has been an essential clothing item for anyone.

T-shirt designs are always flexible and diversified. The front (and even the back) is exactly a canvas, for designers to express ideas and print anything on it. You can have it simplistic, or tell a message, and basically whatever you want. You can stay low-profiled, or make it eye-catching to the public.

If you cannot find a design you like in the market, why not customize and make your own t-shirts? Now, with the technology of POD, everyone can personalize t-shirts with his/her own ideas and designs.

On the other hand, if you are a designer/an artist, you can set up a shop with a few easy steps or register an account on an eCommerce platform, and monetize your work.

So, do you have any ideas on what to print on your t-shirts? If not, please check out our picks below.

Some Ideas for T-shirts Design in 2023

Traditional Tattoo

If having a tattoo is too much of a commitment to you, then maybe you can print it on a t-shirt and simply wear it. For anyone who does not want a tattoo on the skin, then wearing a t-shirt with a traditional tattoo design offers you a little experience with no pressure.

Bold and thick lines with colors (red, green, blue, and black) can make good graphics. This may be slightly different from a traditional tattoo on the skin but would look better on a piece of clothing.

Single Color

It is basically two colors together: a background color and a graphic with another color. Of course, you may add one more color to the main object, but do not go too colorful.

If you prefer simplicity, then single color could be a good design direction. Reminder: Better have a color contrast for the text/pattern and the background, e.g. black background and white text, dark blue background, and white text.

Strong Statement/Message

This is one of the common niches we see on the street. Just a bold and clear message printed across the chest on a t-shirt.

No need to be lengthy, a few words or a phrase is enough to get your point on the t-shirts. By the way, this is an ideal medium to raise awareness, social movement, support a cause, etc.

Handwriting can make clear and simple text message a lot more stylish and cool.
credit: Spencer Selover

Clean and Simple Text

This is similar to the above, but probably using only a single word or short phrase. They may be strange or even meaningless terms, but the simple design can indeed catch some attention.

Some like the words sharp and clear to read on the chest, while others prefer it printed in a subtle fashion, like a logo. If you think a blank t-shirt is too dull but prefer it concise, then this may be the way to go.

Alternatively, you may opt for multiple colors, to avoid it being too plain.

Handwritten Text

This is to make things a bit different and add a sense of uniqueness from above. If you want more than simple text, but do not go too far, then this gives you some variations with styles.

A pencil or paintbrush can give your another tone for the same message. It helps express personality and mood… no wonder why many designers like it.

3D Typography

Same as above. If you want simple texts but not so simple in appearance, then try to make them 3D. This is a completely different impression from using handwritten text.

You can use various fonts and colors in the design. Regardless, this is a good approach to add some playfulness or vitality to the line of text.

3D font can make a simple line of text message more eye-catching.
credit: Pixabay

Randomness in Typography

If you want to go a bit dramatic, let’s add something random to your t-shirt designs. Starting with a line of simple texts, but instead of aligning every character, just move each around. Each character could be of different sizes, but not make it too crazy.

Remember: Even though there is no rule here, don’t go too far. You need to keep the word(s) recognizable, to express the message.

Large or Bold Text

Earlier, we talk about a simple line of text printed on the chest, which is the evergreen t-shirt design idea. If you want to make use of the space, you can have the text as big as possible on the front!

It remains a minimal design, yet it also exhibits a stronger message with an easy-to-read font. Something like “SLEEPY”…

To make it more playful, you can create some contradiction: Print the big word “SMALL” across the face of a t-shirt. Don’t forget to add some colors.

Also, this is a good way to convey a powerful message, for instance, by advocating for a cause or social movement.

Big text is always a cool design idea. It may look bold but powerful to express your message.
credit: Sebastiaan Stam

Repeated Text

If a few words or short phrases are not enough to broadcast your ideas, then you can adopt a variation here. Instead of a single instance of some text, you can have it repeated on the front to fill up the entire area.

This is an effective way to make your point. Simple enough, but more abundant than most designs above. Nonetheless, this is a nice approach for anyone who is not design-savvy.

Here is a tip: Make the text a little bit different on each line…


Enough for text, if you are a graphic person, then bring your creativity via the t-shirt design. Graphics can always catch one’s attention, while hand-drawing brings extra distinctiveness too.

Among all these, hand-drawing graphics never get old. Like hand-written text, the texture shows the character/style of the designers.

Doodle Artwork

Doodle animation is for anyone at any age, not just children. You cannot put animation on t-shirts, but some doodle artworks can definitely be eye-catching to everyone.

Let’s show your imagination with some thin lines and shapes!

Everyone at any age likes doodle animation. Thin lines and simple shapes are so eye-catching for t-shirt design.
credit: Vika Strawberrika


At times, we like thinking of the old days. Everyone may have certain vintage items that we always cherish. Say, if you are in the music industry, then it may be something like a record player, cassette tape, walkman…

They look fascinating to the young generations, as some simply have never seen the above items. If you do like anything classic, then consider looking for inspirations from the 80s or 90s. For example, the telephone is one of the best retro themes.

Cute Animals

Who does not like cute little creatures? There are smaller animals, like squirrels, or the usual friends in cats and dogs. Or, to be more creative, you can inject some gentleness into those fierce giant animals. This can convert them into completely different characters, say lions or crocodiles. The contrast could be hilarious and dramatic.

Of course, you can always use a photograph of your own pets or use some illustrations instead.


In case you do not like using photographs of animals, then try a cartoon version instead. As said above, everyone likes cuteness, and cartoon is always one of the popular niches.

Wearing cartoon clothes can give everyone a smile when walking on the street. If you are selling t-shirts, then anime is always a niche to look into.

Nature and Environment

The nature and environment are the focus of many products in recent years. During the lockdowns, we missed going out and enjoying traveling around during the pandemic.

Fashion is a kind of expression, and you can always tell any messages via t-shirts, fanny packs, or tote bags.

There are so many inspirations from anything around us, such as flowers, trees, plants, the ocean, etc. It also has major color themes: green or watercolor.

An idea here: If you want a more colorful option, then try rainbow! It is super colorful and seems a good idea on a t-shirt. Everyone just likes taking a photo whenever they see a rainbow in the sky.

Something Bizarre

If you cannot settle for anything ordinary, then go a bit extreme and pick something bizarre in your t-shirt designs.

Everyone just loves movies and drama about zombies. Something dark and horror would also be a good start, try skeletons. This is actually quite flexible, as you can make it either way: scary or funny.

To make it more acceptable, remember to go without any blood and make zombie/skeleton/ghost look cute.

credit: ian dooley


If you convert your own t-shirt design into an online business, you can connect the POD service platform to your existing website or e-shop. Alternatively, just register an account for free, and start your own shop.

For people who try to find a trending t-shirt design, this is where you can simply personalize your own. You deserve to look cool this summer!

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