Puzzles for Adults – 15 Amazing Theme Ideas

Puzzles for adults look boring, because they are similar in specifications. But, it's your creativity that make it special and unique.

Jigsaw puzzles are not limited to children. Even though it is not really a classification, puzzles for adults are actually quite different in many senses. They are mostly not as fancy as the kid’s versions. These puzzles are usually standardized in specifications, which are often rectangular in shape, and usually consist of 500, 1,000, or 1,500 pieces. However, you can always design your own editions online, and make them out of ordinary.

Apart from the specifications, the main difference in puzzles for adults is the theme. We, adults, have more interaction and tangle with the world and people, and also have distinctive views and in-depth thoughts. Basically, anything in our lives could easily become a theme for any puzzles for adults. Just be creative!

If you happen to look for a customized jigsaw puzzle for the new year, but have yet to make up your mind on the theme, please stay tuned with us here. Personalized puzzles are special and unique gifts too, which would make your family and friends more engaged.

Anyway, here are some interesting ideas for puzzles for adults in 2023…

What are some cool ideas for puzzles for adults in 2023?


You know you are unique, aren’t you? Your portraits or photographs deserve something special than typical wooden frames. A jigsaw puzzle of your best photo is unique, and far more fun.

Even if you may feel embarrassed, sure your parents, loved ones, and children would be excited about playing with such a puzzle… if you do not mind.


You must have some photographs with your partner. Again, having them framed or sit inside the photo album is boring, so let’s convert the best photos of you two into some puzzles for adults.

It could be some memorable occasions, or sweet moments of you and your lover. Believe me, your loved one will be appreciated when building the puzzles, or every time he/she sees the end products. Isn’t it sweet and romantic, when you spend a quiet evening and assemble the puzzle together?


Speaking about memorable moments of a couple, the wedding must be at the top of the list. It naturally makes a great theme for puzzles for adults.

Every time you assemble the pieces, it is going to bring back the memory of such an important milestone in your life (and his/her life). Even better, you can design puzzles of your wedding for your guests as well, which is a special gift to show your appreciation for their attendance. Sure they will never forget this adorable couple and the special wedding…

Same for the anniversary, let’s make it a tradition: Create a jigsaw puzzle of you and your love every year. Over time, it becomes a record of the journey you two have been going through together.

Puzzles for adults are not just a toy, and not done after assembled. It has important values, like bringing back memories or boosting your mood.
credit: Alexas Fotos


Likewise, graduation is also another important milestone for anyone. Remember how cool you are holding the certificate in the gown, it is the proud moment that you feel grown up and are ready to enter the workforce.

So, it is time to create these puzzles for adults and add them to your collection. It is to mark the moment that you become a true adult.


Everyone loves their family. We are going to do everything for our loved ones. Don’t worry, it does not need to be something dangerous…

If you want to give your parents a surprise, nothing is better than designing a puzzle with their wedding photos. Not only is it bringing back the great memory when they were young, but playing jigsaw puzzles is also beneficial to their health in various ways.

On the other hand, you may try any images that are memorable to them, like family vacations or gatherings. They will be delighted and appreciated in the same manner.

Don’t forget the younger generation in your family! Even though we are discussing puzzles for adults, there is no way that you can forget your kids here. Parents always like to document the growth of their children. Here a jigsaw puzzle is going to allow them to follow their own development closely. They too will be benefited from puzzling.


Pets are family members. Some may have been with you for years or even come to the family before you are born. They are virtually your babysitters as well as best friends ever.

I bet your smartphone must have stored tons of photos of your beloved pets. So, it’s time to select the best pictures and convert them into puzzles, so he/she can also cherish the moments.

Just make sure that your cats and dogs do not mess up the puzzle pieces…


Friends are irreplaceable, but sadly, time may have set some barriers among us. We all have commitments in our lives. or may be forced to go separate ways, like studying overseas, working, or moving aboard. Recently, under the pandemic, we deeply feel that we never know when will see each other again…

So, let’s bring your friends a surprise present for the new year or their birthdays. Pick the best photos of you and your friends, then design a jigsaw puzzle, and we will send them the end products for you… These puzzles for adults simply add years of friendship and care to each piece.


COVID-19 has been affecting every one of us: We are trapped at home, forced to work from home, and… miss out on our vacations. How many holiday plans have been canceled?

Remember your last vacation? Bring those photos out, and pick the best one as a theme for a new jigsaw puzzle. Then, you can still enjoy a fun weekend, even staying at home…

Our photo collection makes a good idea for custom puzzles for adults, e.g. photographs with family and friends, your wedding, or graduations.
credit: Tara Winstead


We all have a smartphone, and taking snapshots has never been easier. Everyone shoots photographs of everything happening around them. Even though you may not be a professional photographer, you must have a few pictures that you are so pleased with.

So, let’s productize your masterpiece and convert them into jigsaw puzzles. You must be proud whenever you see it framed and hung on the wall… Who knows? Maybe you do have the talent and deserve your own photography exhibition.


Okay, in case you are not confident in your photography skills. Then, you may simply take advantage of anyone else’s. The scenery is an all-time popular theme for puzzles for adults. Puzzles of the world’s famous places and tourist attractions are available for sale online or at local stores.

They could be places where you always want to go, or may never go. Anyway, they can quench your thirst for your long-awaited vacation… more or less.

Things that make you calm

Art is a good choice, and painting is always a good theme for jigsaw puzzles for adults. Nevertheless, they could work as classy decorations for rooms or offices.

This is not limited to anything artistic. For example, some natural scenes seem to have magic power, which can make you feel calm and relaxed. Or, it could be about animals, for instance, watching dolphins swim in an ocean feels peaceful.

Other options include space or galaxy, so you can have your own starry sky at home.

Favorite movies/characters

Not only do kids have idols, but we adults also have our favorites, like characters or movies/dramas. They could be shows that have entertained you before. We can all name a few, such as superheroes from Marvel or Harry Potter, but let’s go back to the old days…

A noticeable example is the comedy show “Friends”. Even though it ended many years ago, its merchandises are still popular in the market. This is the same for the likes of Star Wars, The Simpsons, Super Mario, and others.

These are definitely the perfect themes for puzzles for adults. The shows and characters have been bringing us so much joy. They are going to bring you back some valuable memories!

Favorite movies or characters are popular themes for puzzles for adults. Star Wars, Avengers and Harry Potter are some of the best sellers.
Credit: Karolina Grabowska

Sports and Hobbies

Similarly, you may have been a fan of your favorite sports team and athletes for years. At different ages, we have watched our idols playing, and they are probably the reason why we have picked up the hobby and participated in this sport.

The best example is Lionel Messi. After winning the World Cup 2022, everyone is talking about the GOAT and admiring what he has finally achieved. He is a role model for both kids and grown-ups everywhere in the world.

Hobbies are certainly not restricted to sports. It could be anything simple, like food, e.g. You simply love Italian, then a colorful jigsaw puzzle of pizzas should cheer you up.

Humor, Jokes or Memes

There are tons of memes or funny images online, and the web is constantly updating with more…

If you happen to find one that keeps you laughing hard, then let’s convert it into a puzzle and have it boost your mood every day! Even better, it helps you share the fun with people around you…


We all have something that has impacted our lives in many ways. It could be a line of messages, a person, or an incident. If it is such a meaningful motto to you, then make it a jigsaw puzzle that can remind you about anything every now and then. It could be both motivational and comforting.

Also, maybe it helps other people be inspired and benefited as well.