Puzzles for Kids – 15 Gift Ideas in 2023

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We know the best way for children to learn is via playing. Nothing is better than giving them a toy that they can learn from as well as enjoy. You cannot go past puzzles for kids, which is both beneficial and fun. So, what are some good puzzle themes for your little ones in 2023?

Jigsaw puzzles are always good entertainment for anyone at any age, especially for young children. They can help development in many areas, from memory to motor skills, from patience to problem-solving skills. It is a much better option than throwing them your iPad, in order to keep them occupied and quiet.

You can order and buy a jigsaw puzzle online or at a local store. There are different designs for children of any age, to suit their levels. It is better to pick the themes that your kids would love and enjoy, and hopefully learn something valuable from it. Children are not good at concentrating on any tasks, and we can try to keep them more engaged this way.

If you are running out of ideas for puzzles for kids, then let’s see if any ideas below suit your children…

Theme Ideas for Puzzles for Kids

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There is a wide range of toys for children of different ages, same for jigsaw puzzles. Children under a certain age simply have no clue about how to organize. Therefore, you need puzzles that are durable, dirt-proof, and water-resistant. Ideally, they are big pieces, so the kids do not eat them, and also easier to hold with their little fingers.

Toys just need to make sense to the kids. At such young ages, they are eager to learn about their surroundings. The most important is to present a reasonable challenge without overwhelming them. They need some constant motivation and encouragement.

These are important criteria to consider when picking puzzles for kids. Now, it’s time to check out some theme ideas for 2023:

Popular choices of puzzles for kids (below 4)


Counting is probably the first few things to learn for preschool or kindergarten kids. We simply start counting 1, 2, 3… with our fingers.

However, it is always better to learn using a more visual and active approach. Not only is a jigsaw puzzle more colorful, but it also offers a more interesting presentation to study counting and values.


26 alphabets in English is nothing to us. But, it takes some time and effort for a young child to learn, memorize, and master. Instead of forcing them to follow you and speak out each letter, let’s play and learn in a more flexible way.

It is easier to learn about the alphabet orders, and what the character looks like from such a puzzle game. Based on their levels, they can even pick up a few simple words this way, like A for apple, B for boy,…

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Once they are more familiar with the alphabet, the next step is to acquire some vocabulary, so they can express themselves more in languages.

These kinds of puzzles have different topics and levels. The most popular theme is likely animals, like cats and dogs. For example, if your kids are cat lovers, then you may opt for something in-depth. They can even learn about specific cat breeds, such as Russian Blue and Himalayan Persian.


Kids are so busy that they have so much to learn every day. Apart from numbers and the alphabet, they also need to study colors. Many of those puzzles have color terms, along with some examples of our lives. For instance, the color “yellow” often matches with “lemon” and “banana”.

A puzzle does not mean to be a replacement for a textbook or some teaching materials, but it is definitely more fun. It raises their awareness that things may come in any color. It also assists their development in memory and observatory skills.


Likewise, shape is another topic for young children to learn. Jigsaw puzzles for kids often come in different shapes, not just the pieces but the entire set. Infants like touching anything around them, to experience with their little hands. Puzzles with various shapes are going to aid the development of eye and hand coordination, and shape recognition.

Not only do they learn about regular shapes, such as squares, triangles, and circles, but these puzzles for kids often include irregular ones. This can help them grow their ability in observation and logical thinking via assembling the puzzles.

Some of these puzzles are made of wood, so they do not easily get damaged, in case your little ones try to fit the pieces in with force.


Once the kids have developed their visual ability, it is time to try to construct a more complex puzzle. They can try to build a set by following the theme or image.

Nature themes with great contrast would be a good option here. For example, the ocean is blue, while the leaves on the tree are often green. So, they can locate the right pieces quickly, and feel a little success.

This is also a good way to help them learn about preparation and organization. Grouping the look-alike pieces together is going to help the next steps. Being patient will benefit them in everything in the future.

Best theme ideas of puzzles for kids (4 or above)


Kids are all fascinated by any creatures on this planet. They are curious about animals, even though some may not look pleasant. Had you brought your children to a zoo or aquarium, sure you will understand how enchanted they could be.

Do you want to see the excitement on their faces again? Puzzles with animal themes should never go wrong. There are so many to pick from, like animals that they can meet often, like cats and dogs. There is a wide range of amazing wildlife or underwater creatures or something like dinosaurs which we have never seen real thing.

These could stimulate their interest in learning more.


Kids have unlimited curiosity and are interested in everything in their lives. One of the most exciting to them is transportation and vehicles. Again, sure you know the kids’ reactions when traveling: They simply like the window seats and staring outside for the entire ride…

Public transportation is a hot topic among all, including buses, trains, airplanes, and ferries. Should you look for something different from the vehicle collection, I would suggest construction vehicles. It’s not really transportation, but boys are crazy about those giant machineries, and how amazing they do the job for us.


All kids like cartoons or animations. Among them, you cannot go wrong with characters from Disney. A collection of princesses would be a good option for any girl.

Besides, SpongeBob and Thomas & Friends are younger kids’ favorites, while older girls should like Peanuts, Pokemon, or Harry Potter. For boys, Toy Story and Avengers are among the popular themes. There are simply so many choices in this category, and sure you can find one for your kids…

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Bedside stories are impactful for young children. Anyway, if they still believe in fairy tales, let’s bring them a set of jigsaw puzzles of unicorns, mermaids, or dragons. Actually, the unicorn is such a hot topic for puzzles with plenty of options online. Some designs are so elegant that even adults would fall in love with them.

It is good to have some fantasies, so please do not break their little hearts…


As said, children just like to explore the world when growing up. There is one thing that they see every day, which makes a good theme for puzzles for kids: Food!

They may not be interested in roast beef or grilled ribs, but I bet they all like something sweet and colorful, such as cakes, ice cream, chocolates, and candy.

The advantage is that these mouth-watering snacks are usually vivid in color. Any kids are going to love them like crazy. Just hope that they do not beg for dessert every time they see the puzzles on the wall…


When getting older, children begin to learn things from media, like TV or the internet. They would learn about the concept of the earth and world, including continents, oceans, and countries.

A map may look plain and boring, but it is incredibly fascinating to any child. They can learn about geography, scales, directions, borders, and islands. This is definitely a more interesting way to learn about the world. Be prepared that they are going to ask you a lot of questions…

Don’t worry about overwhelming them! There are many options in global map puzzles for kids, some of which are designed for the level of young children. Alternatively, you may start with what they may be more familiar with, e.g. a map of your country.


After learning a few things about the world, your kids are going to take a giant step forward (or upward): Space!

Starting close to us, the earth, moon, and sun are so appealing to young children. Then, they would accelerate and be interested in the solar system. It is simply mind-blowing when seeing what Jupiter and Saturn look like…

Again, there is a lot to explore about outer space. Some puzzles are designed for kids as young as 3 years old. There are also sophisticated designs of the galaxy and the milky way, which even adults would want to get too.

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Festivals and Seasonal

Like every product, there are also topics that are for festivals and seasonal occasions. For example, during Christmas times, there are themes of Santa Claus, snowmen, or popular characters in Xmas costumes.

Apart from annual events, there are always special occasions that would become a nice topic, e.g. World Cup 2022. If your children are football fans, then let’s customize a jigsaw puzzle with their favorite team or idol. Sure, they are going to love it and enjoy the puzzling experience, even after the wrap-up of the tournament.

Family photos

Parents just love to take photographs of their children, to record their development. It may be a good idea to let them engage with their own growth too. Not only the parents, but they will also be surprised how much they have grown up…

Simply pick a picture of them or a family photo, and customize it as a jigsaw puzzle with us here. After assembly, you may frame it and hang it up on the wall, making it a wonderful record of your children’s progress at home.

Puzzling is also a good bonding activity for the entire family. Even better, the final product can become a lovely present for their grandparents!


There are simply tons of options in picking puzzles for kids. You can try as little as 20 pieces for young children, and up the level every year, according to their development. You will be amazed by how much they have learned and how quickly they have improved over time.

A puzzle for kids is both informational and educational for the children. They are great toys that are going to be beneficial to their growth in many areas. Of course, they are always such a fun game!