(World Cup 2022) Get a fanny pack and support your favorite teams!

What’s the biggest event in 2022? The answer is likely the soccer World Cup in Qatar in November. Are you ready for the excitement? Have you ordered a jersey from your favorite team yet? How about… a fanny pack?

Football jerseys or t-shirts seem to be the most popular merchandise for the big competition. But, if you want something other than a football shirt, something special for the World Cup, then we suggest a fanny pack. It is such a practical accessory 24/7, any time any year.

We present you the series of World Cup fanny packs here. All 32 teams involved will have their own versions of fanny packs available at our store. Sure this can satisfy any fans from worldwide, no matter whichever teams or players you support!

FIFA World cup in Qatar 2022

About FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

This year’s World Cup will be different from usual, as it is not held in the usual summertime. The tournament will take place in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December 2022. It is the first time ever playing in an Arabic country, and only the second time in Asia in 20 years. 32 teams from six continents will participate in the competition late this year.

It is no doubt the biggest event for soccer fans, but also for non-soccer fans. The atmosphere will be heated up very soon, and everyone will be expected to sit in front of the TV and enjoy the games. (Hope the time difference is not an issue for you…)

There are 64 games in total, and there must be at least a few that you cannot wait to watch. This is the big stage for teams that you back, and players that you look up to. Apart from ordering a football jersey with a player’s name printed on the back, let’s be different with some personalization, and get it unique from waist bags. It may help you enjoy the tournament more and even afterward.

Why fanny packs for your supported teams in World Cup?

To help enjoy the games, you may think of beer and snacks, or kits and scarf. However, if you want something more practical that you can make use of, even after the competitions, please check out our fanny pack World Cup collection here.

Even though a fanny pack seems to have limited space for design ideas. We manage to fully utilize every inch of the bag, and make it look spectacular. Everyone would know which team you are supporting, once they see what you are wearing!

The main elements of each football jersey and the national flag are all featured on the bag. They are no doubt the most distinguishable characteristics of each team.

For example:

  • Fans of Lionel Messi would love the light blue and white combination of Argentina.
  • If you are a supporter of the samba football styles, then the yellow and green Brazil pack will be the choice.
  • Of course, European giants never have a shortage of fans, as France and Germany are among the favorites to challenge for the trophy.
  • Last but not least, there are tons of supporters worldwide for England, and how far can they go this time?

Just to name a few above, as said, we have all 32 teams available for our fanny pack collections. So, no matter which teams you back, you can order one for yourself and even for your entire family.

Benefits and practicality of fanny packs

A fanny pack is always a practical accessory for any activities outdoors. It is handy in bringing your wallet, keys, mobile phone, ID, or shopping lists with you in this little waist bag. The compartment is bigger than expected, as you can also keep sunglasses, lip balm, and movie tickets as well.

Like a football kit, you can wear a fanny pack while working out, jogging, or walking your dog. Having all the gear around your hip, allows the users to free up both hands. This is perfect for exercising, shopping, and taking care of your kids.

Even better, no worries about forgetting your belongings, as it is always secured around your waist. Your valuables are safe at all times, for an evening out, on the beach, or on transportation.

Some people also call it a waist pack, but it is not limited to where or how you wear it. In case, you do not want it around your hip, you can try it on your bum, belly, cross-body, or even over the shoulder. It is always so flexible and fashionable.

Best for both World Cup fans and non-fans!

Even if you do not have a favorite team at the moment, you may still pick the designs or colors that you desire. The bags are designed based on the jersey and national flags, which are colorful and creative.

Some may not be the most popular or successful soccer teams in the world, but the colors and designs could be appealing and stylish. These are often the styles of African nations, and some classic examples here are Cameroon, Ghana, and Senegal.

Or, you can go in the opposite way, and support the minority instead of the big favorites. This year, there are relatively inexperienced participants in Canada or Wales, who surely need some support.

For anyone who prefers a more low-profile approach, there are choices in Denmark or Morocco. How about the idea of discovering some dark horses? European countries like Serbia, Croatia, or Belgium may fit the bill here.

Anyway, sure there should be a design that you may fancy. If you are not a sports fan at all, some items in this fanny pack collection can still catch your attention. Nonetheless, it is perfect for any outdoor activities, even after the tournament wrapped up.

In fact, fanny packs are no longer just an accessory, yet it becomes fashionable items lately. There is no way to fit all the necessary stuff into your jeans pockets, and too much to take a backpack for a 15-minute walk or a takeaway dinner. Fanny packs are the best solutions for daily uses as well as traveling aboard.

Fanny packs are eco-friendly

We want to improve the standard of living, without causing any burden to other environments. This fanny pack collection is made of eco-friendly materials, namely Recycled 290T Polyester. The product is water-resistant, durable, and robust. It makes such a great companion for any activity.

Customize and make it unique

Needless to say, this collection is customizable like our other products. You can personalize it with some text, icons, or any ideas on top of the 32 designs. This makes the end product unique to you and separates you from other supporters. Also, it becomes such an ideal gift idea for your fellow fans.

Bulk Discount saves you more

Likewise, the more fanny packs you order from the collection, the more discount you can receive. So, let’s order for your family members and friends too, and get ready together for the big occasion in November.


Anyway, we have been expecting for World Cup for four years, and everyone is looking forward to the games. After these tough years under the pandemic, we simply cannot wait for some joy and excitement.

There are a few first-times in this year’s World Cup. It is the first time in Qatar, as well as playing in November and December. We are eager to anticipate what will unfold this time, any top favorites fall, or any teams shock the entire world.

It is still a few months away from the kick-start of the competition. It is time to prepare in bringing the best out of the experience with some cool football merchandise. Show your support for the teams!