(1+1 = 2?) Jigsaw Puzzle + Playing Cards = Puzzle Playing Cards and more

Everyone loves bargains when shopping, be it a discount, free gift, or “buy one get one free”. And, free shipping is always welcomed by online shoppers. This is the same from the business’s perspective. We all want to get the best out of our investment or any winning products. Okay, here is the good news: Your customers can pay one price for basically two products. What do you think about a jigsaw puzzle PLUS playing cards, and making it… puzzle playing cards?


For the shop owners, you can reach potential customers from both markets with such a two-in-one product. Remind you that these are two of the most popular customized items…

QPMN has made the product available for our business partners. Now, you can simply import it, and create your unique versions of puzzle playing cards. When ready, make them available for sale online, which are exclusive to your shop!

credit: Coinllectible Facebook

Puzzle playing cards made a surprise appearance
Our puzzle playing cards made an appearance at the Web 5.0 Conference in November 2022.
Dr. Craig Steven Wright (right) is an Australian computer scientist and businessman. He has publicly claimed to be the main part of the team that created bitcoin, and the identity behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.
Dr. Herbert Lee (left) is the chairman and founder of Xtreme Business Enterprises (XBE), a technology group in Web 5.0. He is the non-executive director of Coinllectibles and Marvion, the hosts of the event in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Dr. Lee has shown great interest and has been supportive of the puzzle playing cards. The deck shown in the photograph is his own unique design for Web 5.0.

Customers always want more and expect more

Customized products have been the market trend recently. Even better, it is expected to remain strong in the future. People want to be distinctive and are willing to pay more for any unique items.

Custom products are perfect for collections. They are different from others, and not found in the market elsewhere. It is noticeable that there are so many jigsaw puzzle lovers at any age. In addition, you cannot believe how many passionate playing card collectors are there. (Does it sounds like some good business?)

Besides, everyone likes personalized gifts for birthdays or celebrations. Adding personal messages or special designs is going to make the recipients more engaged and impressed.

This also applies to memorable items for family and events, like anniversaries, weddings, or graduations. Custom gifts are simply more iconic and impressive.

A perfect product to sell for designers/artists

Dropshipping and Print-on-Demand (POD) together have made online business simpler and easier. We have provided services to help designers and artists enter the business. So, you can productize your designs and fund your future creations.

With the QPMN plugin, you can import our products into your store to sell as your own versions. Alternatively, you can register an account at our SnapShop, and launch your new e-shop in just hours. Both ways are free, as we only charge for the ordering cost upon receiving orders from your customers.

We take care of the production, packaging, and shipping to your customers for you. This allows our business partners to focus on art creation, marketing, and promotion.

There are special offers from QPMN that are meant to help your business: Bulk Discount helps reduce your ordering cost, which leads to a bigger profit margin for your business. There is also the 6-month special offer period for our new shop owners: It is an offer of super low cost in the beginning. It aims to assist you with a good start.

You are free to pick from plenty of products to pick supplied by QPMN. But, now jigsaw puzzles and playing cards together present a potential big seller! You can have your design or characters of your own printed on a puzzle playing card deck now. Fans or followers simply cannot wait for ordering this branded merchandise…

If you feel that your creation suits either product, now you have a chance to get the best out of both. 1+1 may be more than 2 here! On the other hand, if you are unsure, this is a great opportunity to test the water at basically no cost.

Not only are playing cards fun games, but it also becomes a collector's item. Customized card decks are valuable, as they are unique.
credit: maze war puzzle playing cards

Features of Puzzle playing cards

Puzzle playing cards are essentially a jigsaw puzzle set on one side and a playing card deck on another. Either is a great toy for anyone at any age. They are both fun and good as health-beneficial exercise. It is also perfect for bonding with people at a gathering.

Don’t worry! Designing both puzzles and playing cards does not require much time and effort. Our system has made the steps simple to follow and takes just minutes to complete an order.

A jigsaw puzzle is very much a big canvas for anyone to design a theme. In this puzzle playing card deck, there are 55 cards aligning to form a puzzle (other versions of different dimensions will be available soon.) You can tell a story, print a painting, or express some messages on the card faces…

Like our other items, your customers can personalize further by uploading their own images and adding text or stickers. They have the freedom to build them the way they like, on top of your creations.

The customization is going to merge seamlessly with the values and suits on the card face. Obviously, it is going to look different from traditional playing cards. The bonus is to give players a completely different experience in gameplay. Let’s make ordinary card games more interesting and special!

On the other hand, customers can print their images or design on the back, like our custom playing cards. This is perfect for gifts or occasions, like events and anniversaries, family photos, or branding.

High-quality puzzle playing cards as usual

Our products and printing are always of high quality and consistent. These puzzle-playing card decks are made of super-smooth premium material, to enhance playability. Each card has a black-core center layer embedded, in order to reduce transparency. This aims to protect the cards from being seen through, and ensure fair games.

The printing technology ensures that every detail of your designs can be preserved. You can enjoy the vivid colors and fine detail on both sides, without them fading away over time. It feels superior, both as a jigsaw puzzle or a playing card deck.

Due to its multiple purposes, it is important to make the puzzle playing cards durable, dirt- and water-proof. This is an ideal toy to bring along for trips or camping. It is much handier than traveling with a whole box/bag of puzzles…

puzzle playing card deck


Here you easily have 1+1 greater than 2: A jigsaw puzzle, playing cards, and many games are at your disposal. Should you enjoy personalization, there is enough fun in designing the card faces for puzzles, as well as the card backs for playing cards.

If you are a designer looking for an opportunity to fund your work, please consider launching an online business with us. This puzzle playing card deck is so innovative and entertaining. We believe that it is appealing to both puzzle lovers and card players/collectors.

Everyone likes customizations, convenience, and variations. We provide the best products for our business partners to sell, and your customers to enjoy. This way, you can offer the best experience for both puzzling and card games for everyone.