A 6-month Special Offer Helps New Businesses Save Budget!

QPMN has introduced a 6-month Special Offer Period to help new shop owners save budget. You can order with a "ceiling cost", even though you do not reach the threshold.

If you are interested in owning your business, online stores may be one of the first options to consider. The starting cost is relatively low for building a brick-and-mortar store. Also, your e-shop could be ready to launch in a day or so. We all want to save budget, time, and effort. Nowadays, you do not need to be an IT expert to build an online shop. It is a good way to earn some passive income…

Going through the COVID-19 pandemic these few years, people rely more on online shopping. It seems to become a market trend since. Statistics have shown that sales did go up significantly in these years, and are expected to remain strong in the future.

The technology of dropshipping and print-on-demand (POD) makes it more convenient and cheaper to start and run a business on the internet. So, are you looking to get into eCommerce too?

But, wait… What about money? Have a budget ready? How can I reduce the overall expenses?

Help save budget in ordering products

We work with many business partners, and we understand the difficulty in starting and doing business. Cost is always the main concern, especially for newcomers just entering the business world. The budget could be your important savings, and you need to think twice before spending any.

Therefore, we are always trying to help you save costs as much as possible. There are the QPMN plugin and SnapShop that help you import products and build shops, which are both free of charge. No subscription fee whatsoever…

Then, we have offered Bulk Discount to help all shop owners save budget. The more you group orders together, the more you can save when ordering the products from us.

Here is another good news: We have added a “6-month Special Promotion Period” for our new business partners, so you can save even more!

Selling personalized products with QPMN/SnapShop

Before introducing this “6-month Special Promotion Period”, let’s recap a bit about working with QPMN. Should you be interested in eCommerce, you may have heard about the business model of dropshipping and POD…

Products are always the key here, and QP has tons of options available, from playing cards to jigsaw puzzles, from tote bags to fanny packs, and more. With the QPMN plugin and SnapShop, you can import any of the above to your online shop and then sell these customized items with your own designs there.

Every business owner wants to save budget and cost, in order to extend the profit margin. Think twice before spending each dollar!
credit: Liza Summer

They are both free. We only charge when you order products for your customers. We will take care of production, packaging, and shipping directly to your customers for you. These are the benefits of dropshipping and POD…

In summary, the major advantages of such a business model are:

  • No setup cost
  • No inventory (production-on-demand)
  • No upfront (only pay upon receiving an order)
  • No minimum order quantity (MOQ)

Bulk Discount: The more orders you combine, the more you save budget

Bulk Discount is the first offer to save your cost: You may group products into a Combined Order, and enjoy a discount in making orders from QP. The products must be of the same specifications, but no restrictions on orders, dates, or shipping destinations.

The more products you can group together, the more discount you can receive on orders. It means that you can save more on costs, and it results in a bigger profit margin.

What does 6-month Special Period offer?

This new “6-month Special Period” is exclusive to our new business partners. When you launch your business with us (via QPMN or SnapShop), you are eligible for this special offer for the first 6 months…

It is similar to Bulk Discount in a way: The more items you can sell, the more you may save in cost. Basically, we introduce a “ceiling cost” here: New businesses can order products with a lower cost in the first 6 months, without the need of reaching the threshold in the number of sales (as from the table).

Even better, if your business goes well and your sales exceed the “ceiling cost” threshold, you can receive an even bigger discount. (Yes, apparently… you can get through the ceiling!)

credit: Karolina Grabowska

A scenario of the 6-month Special Period

To make it easy to follow, let’s demonstrate with an example: Normally, when your sales reach 30-49 items (of the same specifications) this week, the ordering cost becomes US$13 apiece. With this “6-month Special Period” offer, every item costs our new business partners just US$13 each, despite that you may sell fewer than 30 items.

We aim to help our new entrepreneurs save more in the early stage of the business. So, you can spare more resources for promotion, marketing, or anything else.

Pay no more, but could be less: Of course, if the business goes so well and your store sells over 49 units, then you are eligible for the next level of lower cost. That means you can even pay less than the “ceiling cost”!

Here we settle the account on a weekly basis, according to the combined order quantity. After these first 6 months, the “ceiling cost” will lose efficacy, and the product cost will be charged based on the normal pricing table. Of course, you can always reduce the ordering cost with Bulk Discount…

QuantityOrdering Cost
30-49US$13 (* Ceiling cost)


When starting a business, the cost is always a big concern for any boss. This is an even bigger challenge for new shop owners to manage the budget. You need to be extremely cautious about every dollar spent, and try to minimize the expense. Everyone is trying their best to stop the money from going down the drain…

Therefore, we introduce Bulk Discounts as well as this “6-month Special Period” for our business partners. The latter is going to give our new business partners a hand in the beginning. Hopefully, this can help everyone get their business on track as soon as possible.

Business takes time. We hope to help you get a good start, and work together from now to the future.

Contact us at marketing@qpmarketnetwork.com to start your POD business NOW, we will tailor-make a special promotion period for you.