After completing a jigsaw puzzle, what to do next?

What do you do next, after finishing a jigsaw puzzle? There are actually a lot to do with a completed jigsaw puzzle.

Building a jigsaw puzzle is fun and enjoyable. After the hard work is done, what’s next after finished? Before you buy a new set, what to do with the previous one? Where should it go?

Most of us will keep the completed puzzles for a while. Of course, it is subject to the space of your home. Naturally, we will take a few pictures for record. It is an achievement that you may want to share with family and friends.

Okay, so back to the question: What to do with the puzzle afterward? I can’t have it on my desk forever…

What to do with a completed jigsaw puzzle?

Hang it up on the wall

We often see jigsaw puzzles hung up on the wall, like paintings. Of course, some themes are simply pieces of art and will definitely look good in the living room or bedroom. Sure it feels wonderful every time you walk past and look at them…

Anyway, you need to glue, frame and mount, and may take some time to master. Let’s DIY a nice decoration for your living rooms or offices.

Put the completed jigsaw puzzle under the glass

If you happen to have a glass coffee table or desk, slide the completed puzzle underneath the glass surface. It behaves like wallpaper on your computer, and you can enjoy it every time sitting down there. Even better, it does not take up extra space and rotates with another set every now and then. Bring you a feeling of freshness!

Sorry, disassemble it!

Dissembling the set is the obvious option to save space, but it is rather sad. How about keeping the box in the closet, and giving it a try again later? You can then have a challenge for another day.

Or, leave it to your brothers and sisters, when they reach the age and are able to play.

After completing jigsaw puzzles, you may disassemble them and play again later.
credit: Simon Hurry

Take photos

Regardless you are to hang it up or dissemble it, I bet you are going to take some photos to record your hard work and record this accomplishment. Don’t forget to share online too!

Sharing on social media is a good way to attract people with the same interest. For example, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are good platforms for puzzle lovers. Reddit even has a dedicated channel (subreddit) for jigsaw puzzles.

Let’s create a digital gallery and continue your puzzle journey. No extra space is occupied, and keep the satisfaction going after finishing the puzzles!

Create a video

For some reason, people like watching others solve problems, including chess, games, and jigsaws. If you are such a puzzle lover, why not make a video of your own?

How about starting your own YouTube channel and sharing the videos there? As above, this can attract other puzzlers to join and build a support community.

No need for anything fancy or technical to start: Steady a smartphone with a simple tripod and make sure the lighting is significant. Then, go ahead and play! Or, live streaming at Twitch, may make you a Puzzle KOL!

Share or exchange the completed jigsaw puzzles with friends

This is a great way to clear up space as well as a reason to buy a new one. If you decide that you are not going to assemble this set again in the future, then better share the fun with friends or anyone in need of toys or entertainment.

Make sure you keep the pieces in good condition. Even though it is used, a jigsaw puzzle is always a good gift idea. You can make it special by customizing it for your family and friends, with photographs or messages.

Exchanging with people online is a great idea. There you can get a new set to play every now and then, and it does not take up extra room. This can also save you money and have unlimited fun!

Challenge yourself

Space at home is precious. You may have no option but disassemble it (sorry!). Okay, but if you are tempted to play again in the future, then make sure you store it properly and keep it in good condition.

Make the best out of a set of jigsaw puzzles, and present it as a challenge later. For example, this time you assemble the puzzle without referring to the cover at all.

To really test how you have improved, remember to time both rounds. Check out how quickly you complete the puzzle this time.

This time, it also tests your memory and sees how well you understand the image, such as colors and textures. You will be amazed that you apply a different approach to the game, which may be more effective.

Believe me: Even if it is a game you have played before, this can still be fairly satisfying… if not more.

Build a collection

If you really enjoy the theme of a jigsaw puzzle, let’s try another one of the same series. This way, after finishing a few more, you have built a puzzle collection for yourself.

If the space allows, you can put them all up on the wall. It looks great in the corridor, and conference rooms in the office.

Buy another set of jigsaw puzzles of the same series, over time you will build a spectacular collection.
credit: Bianca Ackermann

Contest or party game

In case you do have a collection or a few puzzles of the same series, ideally the same number of pieces and a similar level of difficulty. You may hold a contest or party game and play with family and friends. Perfect for bonding!

Either challenge each other or team up together. This is a great game to help children learn about teamwork and communication.

Use the pieces as jewelry

There are services that help make puzzle pieces into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. This is a special gift for your loved ones: Yours and his/hers are a perfect match together. And, he/she is wearing the piece all the time…

However, as you expect, the drawback is that your puzzle will become incomplete. Make sure you do not mind since it is going to miss one or two pieces forever.

Donate the completed jigsaw puzzles to anyone in need

For children:
Not everyone is so lucky and can afford the toys they want. Some family simply struggles with daily living.

As we have mentioned in previous posts, puzzles are good for children’s growth and development in various ways. Kids can learn skills like problem-solving and learning, as well as being patient and how to handle challenges and defeats.

It is important to learn to stay focused and be concentrated on both studies and work.

For elderly:
Alternatively, you can opt to donate completed jigsaw puzzles to nursing homes. Likewise, jigsaw puzzles are good for the health of seniors. This makes an all-around brain activity for them, and the workout can improve memory as well as motor skills.

Puzzling also works like a meditation, which helps them calm down and relax.


As you can see from the above, puzzling is more than just assembling the pieces together. Also, we have shown you that hanging the puzzle on the wall and dissembling them are not the only ways to end. There is more you can do after finishing the game. If you have more ideas about what to do with a set of completed puzzles, please comment below and share your views.

Let’s get the best out of this great game! After enjoying every moment in the process of puzzling, remember to share the joy around to anyone.