Why is publishing photo prints on products a brilliant idea?

Photo prints are different from digital files. But, paper may be vulnerable to water, tearing and damage. Why not publish on other products?

Memory is unreliable, especially when age catches up. That is why we love taking photographs, for any occasion (thanks to smartphones, this becomes so easy). Not just saving on your hard disk or memory card, we like to develop photo prints to remember the event later. We usually preserve them in frames, boxes, or albums…

We cherish every moment or milestone in our lives. Unfortunately, time flies and they will soon be gone. We strive to preserve our best instances or memorable events as long as possible. It is to bring back the memories from time to time in the future…

However, have you seen torn or “rusted” (oxidized and yellowed) photo prints? It will be heartbreaking. Even worse, if the film or file is lost, then you do not have the chance to reproduce the same photographs… Durability and vulnerability seem to be the enemies of photo prints.

Why feature your favorite photo prints on other products?

But, wait… photo prints do not just work on paper. In fact, they can be featured on numerous products, even some that you cannot even imagine.

With dropshipping and print-on-demand (POD) service, you can order and print your favorite images on any item in a few easy steps. No more minimum quantity order requirements like in the old days…

It is not just about saving memory for later. Some materials are water-resistant as well as robust, also easy to clean. They can be the perfect alternatives or additional options to photo prints. Even better, there are actually extra features or benefits to enjoy…

There is a wide selection of products, so you can choose one, depending on your preferences or needs. We are about to introduce you to several options that we think are perfect for your photo prints…

But, first, here come other advantages:

  • Customization: Once your favorite snap is uploaded to our builder system, you can further personalize on top of it. For example, you can add messages and stickers…
  • Gift ideas: Finding the perfect gift idea is never easy. There are many options available, something practical, portable, or innovative. Since you can personalize the item, it becomes an exclusive gift, not found elsewhere in the market.
  • Tailor-made items: People are more interested in and engaged with unique items. Such a gift also tells the person that he/she is always in your heart.
  • Make it memorable: You may pick a photograph that the recipient has a strong impression of, such as a memorable event together, or a shared holiday. This will easily bring all the moments back…
  • Easy to design: Thanks to our builder system. Having photo prints featured on all objects takes just a few steps. We will take care of the rest, and ship it to the address you provided within a week or so.

Some ideas for photo prints on products


The goal is to capture the precious moment. It may be the second that you look forward to, or is completely arbitrary. This can be your toddler’s first step that you have been following. Or, it is their witty smiles while playing that warm your heart.

Using it on everyday products, like coffee mugs, can be a good idea. Here you can see a memorable image every morning, or anytime away from family.


Marriage is an important milestone for everyone. Wedding photos can remind you of that special day for the rest of your life. You can consider publishing it on canvas, which also adds some texture to the perfect photo of that big day.

The best thing is that it offers water resistance and protection against tearing and damage. It will last much longer than regular photo prints.

Wedding is an important occasion for anyone and his/her family and friends. Be creative, and have photo prints featured on products to mark this special day.
credit: Nathan Dumlao


An anniversary is more than a remembrance of that big day. You can embellish the memory and give it a new look: for example, you can take a new set of wedding photos for a 10th or 20th anniversary.

Want something different from the previous one? This time, let’s get a little creative and print photos on some of the products. Bring something new!


If you are not yet of marriageable age, graduation can still be your biggest day. It is the day that marks the transition from academic life to working life. It is also the day that you look your best, so do not forget to record the elegance.

After all these years, you might be amazed about how much you have changed since your college days…


Kids grow up too fast. By the time you realize this, they have already become so much different. That is why all dads and moms love to take snapshots of their children from time to time. You do not want to overlook any special moments…

The smiles, grimaces or milestones of your little ones are excellent themes for everyday products. Say, you can publish them on a mouse pad, so you can see their faces and smiles as you work. Sure, this will help lift your spirits during a long day…


As a grown-up, you may no longer take birthdays seriously anymore. But, there must be some birthdays that can never be forgotten. Let’s turn those memories into real products… sure it can cheer you up!

Family Celebrations

As you get older, family gatherings become an event that you cherish more and more. It is a superb idea to keep those memories as long as possible.

Also, bringing photo prints to products can be a good gift idea for family members. Your thoughts will definitely be appreciated.


People love to travel, and there must be a place or two that is so deep in your heart. If you happen to have taken some great photographs from previous trips, consider publishing them on posters or as oil paintings. It will be a decent decoration for your home…


Themes are more than ordinary photographs, they could be drawings, designs, or messages. Businesses can have logos or mascots printed on their merchandise.

This makes it an effective marketing tool, which can help increase brand awareness, and promote your campaigns.

Something practical will remind your audience of your brand. Typical examples are keychains, tote bags, and fanny packs. They are functional and bring so much convenience.

Recommended product types for your photo prints

Traditional (e.g. posters, photo books, bookmarks)

If you still prefer a more traditional style, you might consider converting your photo prints to posters or creating a photo book. They are similar to the images on photographic papers, but with more flexibility, sturdiness, and protection.

A poster would be perfect for showcasing your exceptional photo. A photo book can hold an entire collection and is great for keeping things organized.

A photo book or album is a good idea if you have an entire collection or tons of photographs from an occasion. This way, you can have everything organized and preseve the images.
credit: Fredih Lopes

Have fun (e.g. jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, puzzle playing cards)

The moment may be over, but you can prolong the joy in a different way. You can turn your best photo prints into toys, namely jigsaw puzzles and playing cards. All ages can enjoy games besides memory.

Not enough? Then, convert it into puzzle playing cards! As the name suggests, it is a combination of jigsaw puzzles and playing cards. You can choose a different design/photo for the face and back of the cards. Double the fun!

Durability (e.g. canvas)

In case of concerns about durability, we recommend publishing your photo prints on canvas. The fabric used here is waterproof and strong, which can protect the contents from water, dirt, or tearing. The frame is made of eco-friendly materials, making it lightweight yet sturdy.

Even better, the canvas adds texture and artistic elements to your favorite photos. It comes in several sizes, so you can put it on an office desk or hang it on the wall.

Portable (e.g. pendant, keychain)

Your wallet may contain some family photos. The problem is that it can warp or break over time. Here are some solid alternatives to your preferred photos: pendants and keychains.

A pendant may be a simple object, but it carries a special meaning that no other can: you wear it close to your heart, i.e. a place where your loved ones always are.

A keychain is an accessory that holds your house keys. Why do we call it home? Because it is where your family is, and where you want to go back to… It means a lot to store their photos there.

Innovative (e.g. photo cube)

Want something creative? We suggest that you can try building a photo cube or block. The advantage is that you can submit multiple photos to build a single item. It is an interesting solution, in case you cannot decide on a single photo. Now, you can deliver six at once here!

In addition, you can always switch to another side of the cube, depending on your mood. Super flexible and customizable!

Gift ideas (e.g. greeting card)

All products available here can be good gift ideas. But, when it comes to presents, greeting cards are indispensable.

Yes, almost everything goes virtual, and greeting cards have become electronic cards (or e-cards). But, like photo prints and digital files, it simply feels different when a physical card is received in the mail or in person.

Since greeting cards are hard to find in stores these days, why not design your own edition? A custom greeting card will mean much more to the recipient, with his or her photo printed on the cover…

Practicality (e.g. mouse pad, cosmetic bag)

If you prefer practical stuff, there are many options on our website at your disposal. For example, since we spend a lot of time in front of the computer, why not bring a few photo prints to a mouse pad?

Bags are quite popular choices. However, there may be times when someone is too shy or embarrassed to print their own photo on a tote bag or fanny pack, and show the public. In this case, a cosmetic bag seems to be a relatively low-key choice.

Either way, your pet photo will no doubt look amazing on any bag. The best thing is that your dogs and cats will never complain or oppose the idea…

Let's publish your photo prints to products like fridge magnet and badge. So, you can see them any time you like, and boost your mood.
credit: Walls.io

Humor (e.g. magnet, badge)

We all want a few laughs in our life. Take it with you anywhere: you can print your funniest photos on magnets and badges, whether it is a meme or a quote.

This way, whenever you are about to open the fridge, this image on the magnet will brighten up your day. On the other hand, you can attach a badge to your backpack and take it with you on outings. It can also make other people smile… if you do not mind.


Even if you do not like taking pictures, there must be some photos that are very important to your heart. These are all memorable moments in your life, and sadly they may fade from your memory.

Let’s bring the photo prints to other products, if you are unsure about photographic paper. Of course, it is not only a backup of the original photo prints, but also offers all the advantages mentioned above.

The design steps are simple and easy. So, before the photos turn yellow, let’s take action and create your unique items…