How does designing custom fanny packs for events help your brand?

In a business event or exhibition, you have limited time to catch your audiences' attentions and impress them. Try design custom fanny packs for events!

Doing business is more than a one-off sale. The revenue is linked to your customers: You always hope for your previous shoppers to return, and constantly seek new customers. Anyway, it is all about leaving a good impression on everyone.

In a conference or exhibition, the first opinion is critical if you want to stand out among your competitors. Your staff should be knowledgeable and polite. They also need to be ready to serve and help at the scene. Apart from decent uniforms and appearance, designing custom fanny packs for events may prove to be a secret weapon here.

You may have designed a slogan or created a mascot for an event. However, why not take another step forward and be creative? A custom staff uniform is as important. It shows your care and effort for the campaign, especially if your organization is the host. Staff may be wearing special editions of baseball caps, t-shirts, or badges. Not only do custom fanny packs look special, but they are also practical for your staff in providing better services to your visitors.

Custom fanny packs for events could be a secret weapon

You need to catch attention and establish the existence and influence of your business within the event. An exhibition may last only a week or so, and a visitor takes less than 5 seconds to walk past your booth.

Time is limited! To help your brand stand out, let’s be creative and bring on some other ideas. Custom fanny packs can be used as a staff uniform, as well as a giveaway souvenir for the audience.

The former allows your audience to engage more in the event when interacting with you. While as a gift, you offer an opportunity to let the participants remember your brand and the experience afterward. It helps your chance in converting them from visitors into customers.

The whole event experience is more in-depth than making a purchase at your store. It presents an opportunity to build a solid relationship with your audiences. It benefits your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which has become an agenda in all business plans. Next time, when they are in need of some products or services, you wish that your brand may be the first one coming into their minds…

All about giving your customer a good impression

The first impression always makes a big difference, in a good or bad way. Your staff is always the frontline, and your marketing strategy may make or break here.

Custom fanny packs for events make a great addition. They help the visitors notice and remember you, and they are also practical. Uniform also stresses that your staff works as a close-knit team. This can translate into your company image.

Designing custom fanny packs for events is going to help first impression to your audience. You may stand out among your competitors.
credit: Riccardo

Let’s have a look at a scenario: In an event, there would be some interaction with your visitors. Your staff may need to provide assistance in various ways, like helping with registration, or providing help with equipment.

Staff may need to carry some tools on duty, and a fanny pack is going to be handy here. This is the key to offering better services in a timely manner. It also keeps your staff hand-free and boosts overall efficiency.

Besides, an advantage of the fanny pack is the “canvas” that allows you to express your business and ideas. So, you can design with your trademark logo, color, and anything about the event on the surface. It is able to bring more information to your audiences than a pin or badge.

Not only does a fanny pack offer a good impression to your visitors, but it also brings a decent experience in many ways. Hopefully, they enjoy the hospitality and form a favorable relationship from here.

Custom fanny packs for events help build CRM

The most common giveaway items are baseball caps, pins, badges, and keychains. Regardless of how sophisticated they are, you cannot beat a fanny pack for its practicality and convenience.

If you are to host an outdoor activity, such as a marathon or hiking, then custom fanny packs for events are a perfect fit. The participants would be appreciated its practicality and functionality. It is likely that you have lifted the reputation here.

After the events, your visitors can still make use of your custom fanny pack for events. They can carry it for workouts, casual walks, eat out in the neighborhood or walk the dog. It is durable and water-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

The materials are eco-friendly and bring sustainability. The accessory is portable and able to keep you hand-free at all times. It stores your valuables securely, such as your passport and wallet. This little bag is either around your waist or chest (if wearing crossbody), and items are kept close to your body.

Custom fanny packs could be a perfect promotional gift for your customers. They help them remember your brand and products.
credit: Eman Genatilan

For marketing, the practicality presents a good chance that your customers do use it at times, instead of leaving them in the wardrobe or drawer forever. Each time using it is virtually a reminder about your business, just like broadcasting your commercials.

Even better, it becomes a fashion lately, thanks to some celebrities. You may wear it a different way: around your belly or across the body, to suit your styles or needs of the day.

Of course, custom fanny packs for events should be well-designed, and of good quality. We are here to offer support, so your business is able to leave a great impression on your audience. It is not just for the event, but hopefully, a conception that can last long.


Designing custom fanny packs for events is going to help raise brand awareness. It helps establish and solidify your CRM. You cannot afford to lose such a close battle against your rivals at any event. A fanny pack may look ordinary but could help give you a head start in the fierce market.

The accessory also works perfectly as a promotional product. Its practicality and sustainability help your audiences remember your brand for a long time. Hopefully, they will stay connected with your business after an event and in the future.