Interior lining design: Customize your bag from the inside

Custom Liner for Bayan

As we have covered many items, customized products have been the market trend in recent years. People prefer unique products and are willing to spend more money on them. This means big business!

There are already many products made available for customization to some degree. You can upload your own images, add some messages, or change colors on some surfaces. So… have you ever thought about customizing the interior lining design of a product?

Every designer tries to offer a wide range of elements to help users personalize the way they want. However, no matter how creative you are, your hands are often tied as your creativity is restricted to the limited area of any product. Just take a fanny pack, keychain, or headband as an example…

Alternatively, there are accessories with a bigger “canvas”, so you can express your ideas more freely, like tote bags or jigsaw puzzles. But, in general, there may be some “places” that are yet to exploit, such as the interior lining of a bag…

Custom Liner Option for Our Bayan Bag

Customization at the next level: Interior lining

Manufacturers or designers will focus on the design of a product’s appearance. Naturally, everyone likes good-looking stuff and it presents the first impression to your potential customers. However, we should not judge a book by its cover: The content is just as important, if not more. Or, put it this way: The inside can be made good looking too.

Take our sling bag as an example: Customers can now select their favorite interior lining design as well. At the moment, there are three options of music genres available: Classical, Pop and Electronic.

These three designs offer variations over the traditional bag interior linings. It is definitely more exciting than the boring black, brown, and gray colors, or some logo patterns within…

Even though the interior lining is not often revealed to anyone, it is still nice to have another custom option available and make it look cool, isn’t it? It is nice to have the freedom and options to create your perfect bags.

3 options (so far) for the interior lining inside

Electronic: It adds some contrast to the commonly used gray color for the interior lining. The additional vibrant colors are there to help remove the gloomy feel of the gray.

Classical: Should you prefer an interior lining of lighter color, this may be the best option for you. The color combination makes the look sharp, lively, and bright. It brings a dramatic difference from the traditional designs, isn’t it?

Pop: On the other hand, if you like the more standard approach of plain black yet want a little twist, this should be the one to look at. The main theme is still the usual subtle dark color. Yes, it has the characteristic (or advantage) to hide a little dirt or stain. Now, it becomes more stylish and vigorous after joining by a few other brighter colors.

Not only is practicality so important in interior design, but it can also be elegant and superior. No conflict! Our sling bag is an example of how the design (compartments or sections) and design/printing can work seamlessly together.

Don't miss out the chance to select a design of the interior lining. Make your bag special from the inside to the outside.
credit: Joshua Hoehne

Make the best out of customization

Every time when you open the bag, it is no longer the dull interior lining that enters your eyes. Even though it only takes a second or so to grab your purse or keys out of the bag, you would still enjoy the best experience here.

A more colorful interior design is going to cheer you up a bit. Hopefully, it may even put a smile on your face every time you open the bag:

Leaving home for work every morning is tough. Imagine when you lock the door and put back the key into the bag, the design here may help boost your spirit now. On the other hand, it can change the mood when finally get home, so you can enjoy the evening after a day of hard work…

Let’s try and make the moment of opening the bag more delightful and fun. Everyone deserves some joy in their lives…

About Heat Transfer Sublimation Printing
We use heat transfer sublimation printing technology for the designs or patterns of this interior lining. Ink is heated and turned into gas form. It is then transferred onto the material or fabric, and embedded into it.

Since the ink is fused to the garment, it does not feel like an extra layer on top when touched. Moreover, you will not see any cracks in the patterns over time, as using other printing methods. The designs and colors would look sharper and more vibrant than ever. The details are not going to fade away, even after plenty of washes. The printing here is much more durable and able to last as long as the product itself, if not longer.

This is the better method for printing delicate patterns and full colors, and more capable of keeping fine details.


We understand that traditional personalization may not satisfy everyone’s demands and needs. The market constantly wants and expects something different and new. With our advanced technology, we are always trying to bring our products to the next level.

It is just the beginning. You can anticipate more customization options for this interior lining design in the future.