The Best Phone Bags? The One You Design!

canvas phone bag QPMN

Your smartphone is probably the most important accessory in daily living. It is basically a handheld computer, which is vital for personal life, work, communication, and entertainment now. So, naturally, you need to buy phone bags to offer the best protection for it.

Let’s face it: Mobile phones are expensive items. They store so much data about you and even work as your credit card or coin purse. The last thing you want is to have it broken or dropped to the ground. Sure you would not mind investing in a phone bag.

Not only does it protect your new toy/tool, but it also brings some fun and practicality for you, as well as impresses anyone around.

Overview of Phone Bags

canvas phone bag QPMN

In the beginning, a phone bag is purely for protection purposes. Later, it also adds a few features to make it functional, which is a selling point to some users. For example, some have a cover to add extra protection to the screen. Even more efficient, the system may switch on the screen, once you flip the cover open. It saves you a second for an extra press of the power button…

Some users opt for phone bags with cardholders. They have a few compartments on the inner cover to store cards, coupons, and receipts. On the other hand, some also work as adjustable stands, which is perfect for viewing videos in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. It is also helpful when you are communicating in conference calls. It is so flexible as you can alter the angle of the camera!

Alternatively, you can go simplistic, with just an elastic frame to surround the edge of your phone. They look plain, but still offer some relief when it hits the ground.

If you want absolute protection for your beloved phone, there are bigger and thicker bags made of strong materials. This is basically armor, but it does come with a drawback: big, heavy, and even bulky.

To have some fun, you may make it a bizarre style, like having some crazy decorations hanging on the bag, like tassels.

In a bag the above does not suit you, there is always a more subtle style, perfect for everyone. Like shoulder bags and coin purses, the answer is leather! These phone bags are usually having covers like books, with a magnetic button to hold them closed. It essentially protects the screen while not using it.

Design Ideas for Phone Bags

Phone bags may look simple, but there is still so much room to express ideas or creativity in designs. Let’s see if the following can inspire you…


As mentioned above, it depends on the styles you go. You can try leather for a more stylish fashion. Plastic is the common choice of materials since it is affordable and easy to clean. Or, in bag you want something special, then go with fabric, such as jeans.


The back of a phone bag is seemingly a canvas, just like tote bags or fanny packs. You can have the freedom to draw anything you like and make it unique. If you are an artist or designer, this also presents a business opportunity…

Print Something on the Phone bag

If you are not good at drawing, then just print an image or your favorite graphics on the back. With the POD technology and services, all you need is to upload an image and position it anywhere you like.

Simple Text and Messages

You can also add a few messages on the back of a phone bag, just like customized t-shirts, baseball caps, and headbands. This also makes a perfect gift for your family and friends. The text could be a greeting message or your best wishes to them. They are going to see the words every time using the phone.

Quotes and Phrases

Instead, if you happen to have a favorite quote or motto, this is no better place to have it printed. Something motivational or encouraging can fill you up with energy every day. Bring it with you everywhere you go!

Show Your Support

If you are a big fan of any sports clubs or want to show support to the local team, then let’s print some related on the back of your phone. You may try the team logo, a photo of the star players or stadium, etc.

Favorite Entertainment

The entertainment business is the way to go! For movie or drama lovers, how about printing the poster or some favorite scenes on the back of your cell phone? For example, Stranger Things has been a big hit in recent months.

Share Your Hobbies on Phone Bags

Here is another design idea for you: Share the activity or hobby that you enjoy so much in your life, e.g. sports, poker, and playing cards. There is a wide range of selections: Your dream car, travel spots you crave to go to, favorite animes, or anything you fancy at the moment. Every time you turn over your phone, you are going to see it and bring you a smile!

Inspirations From Love Ones

This can be everything, such as drawings from your kids, quotes from your partners, or some interesting catchphrases from your parents. They are something engaging and memorable, and will surely bring some love to you.

canvas phone bag - QPMN

Be Romantic

Divide a photo into two halves, and print your photo on your partner’s phone, and his/hers on yours. Whenever you put both phones side by side, two become one!


Something contrast is always eye-catching or dramatic. Smartphone is one of the most advanced technology in our lives. Here are some images of something old-schooled that would be fun, e.g. a vintage telephone, a phone booth, a fax machine, or an old computer. Hope that can bring you some inspiration…

Photo Collage

We know that picking a single photograph to print is difficult. Collaging is a popular way to accommodate multiple images. It is nothing complicated, as there are many apps to help combine them together into one. You have the options to arrange them and mix and match. Make them into a magazine layout and look professional, or build them as a jigsaw puzzle!

Paint Effects

To make it more special, try some variations on ordinary images in the form of paints. Oil paints can make the image more artistic, which works great with something natural, such as flowers and scenery.

Textures of Phone Bag

You can also play around with the texture of the bag. It is not necessarily sleek at all times. Like a manicure, you can stick crystals to make them sparkle and shine. Or, instead of printing, try embroideries for a different texture. Holding the phone would never be the same!


You do not really need to be an artist or a master in handicraft to create a DIY phone bag. It is much simpler than you think, e.g. uploading an image, or adding text, and our service would print it on a phone case for you.