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Elevate Your Card Game Product Lineup with QPMN

Card games boast immense market potential, captivating audiences of all ages with their versatility, social appeal, and endless entertainment possibilities.

Offer your customers unparalleled choice with card game available in different sizes. Tailor your game offerings to suit various gameplay styles and preferences with QPMN.

Material is key

Step up your game with our exclusive range of plastic cards, specially crafted for party games and card game enthusiasts. Designed for durability and versatility, these high-quality cards offer an unparalleled gaming experience, making them the perfect choice for your next gathering or gaming session.

Different game, different size

Explore our wide array of card sizes, designed to accommodate diverse gaming preferences and enhance gameplay experiences. From compact to oversized, find the perfect dimensions to bring your vision to life.

4 simple steps to order sample

Step 1 : Sign Up

Provide your personal details, including your shipping address.

Step 2: Select Preferences

Go to the catalog page, select card size, card stock, quantity, printing, etc

Step 3: Upload Design

Include both the front and back of your card

Step 4: Payment

Choose your preferred payment option

Why choose QPMN as your card game printing partner

Create your card game now

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No, there isn’t. While our charging model starts from 18 cards, you have the flexibility to adjust the quantity of your deck to even just 1 card, ensuring that you get precisely what you need for your custom card game.

We offer two different packaging options: shrink wrap or custom tuck box. You can select the packaging option that best suits your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer the convenience of shrink wrap or the customization options of a tuck box, we’ve got you covered.

It’s entirely up to you! If you’re open to allowing your customers to add their personal touch to your design, you have the option to enable editing. However, if you prefer to maintain the integrity of your original design, you can disable the edit feature. This way, your customers can simply purchase the standard product without making any modifications.