Help You Make Money With Art & Build Your Online Biz

Help You Make Money With Art & Build Your Online Biz

Many parents, especially in Asian households, worry that their children won’t make money or pursue practical careers if they choose the arts. They are concerned that art cannot earn money. They believe it’s better to find a stable job instead.

“The Daily: Asian parents stereotype against art and music as career”

While there may be some truth to their concerns, we all understand that money isn’t everything in life. However, if we can find a way to pursue our passions while also earning financial support, life can become much more enjoyable.

In this article, we will explore how artists can earn money from thier artwork, potentially earning more than just an average salary, and even achieving great success!

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Challenges Faced by Artists/Illustrators in Selling Art Online:

  1. Illustrators May Falter in Realizing Creative Value: Illustrators often produce beautiful artwork but struggle to turn their passion and skill into reliable income streams.
  2. Lack of Market Exposure: Due to limited promotion and visibility efforts, illustrators’ artwork often doesn’t reach a wider audience, resulting in missed business opportunities.
  3. Production and Sales Process Challenges: Illustrators looking to convert their artworks into marketable products frequently face numerous obstacles during production, manufacturing and sales processes.
  4. Opaque or Unfair Collaborative Relationships: Illustrators can experience issues related to lack of transparency in partnership arrangements and unequal profit distribution; illustrators hope for trustworthy collaborators they can rely on.

Who we are & Our sell art solutions

QPMN Company

We are QPMN (QP Market Network), a subsidiary of a listed group in Hong Kong with a rich printing history. Our company provides professional printing services. We have our own large-scale printing factory with the aim of assisting numerous artists and creative brands in the production and promotion of their products.

Sell art with us, artists and illustrators enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Transform their artwork easily into merchandise such as T-shirts or playing cards.
  • Increase the sales of their own art.
  • Reduce financial risks dramatically
  • Set up their own business for a minimum cost.
  • Get comprehensive business support.
  • Create passive income streams that will help them to support their artistic endeavors.
  • Gain recognition for your talent and reach a wider audience.

So you can sell your art online or offline (In this article, we will discuss the online business).

How is it possible to achieve so many benefits?

A Solution for Online Business Beginners & Artist: Print on demand

The Print on Demand (POD) business model offers a hassle-free way to start your own business, eliminating concerns about inventory and upfront expenses. With POD, products are acquired, created, and shipped only upon customer purchase. This unique approach ensures that inventory is non-existent until an order is placed.

  • There’s no need for a large stock: Because products are printed when they’re requested, there’s not a need to keep a large stock, which reduces storage costs and the risks of unsold inventory.
  • Lower start-up costs: Starting a POD company is less expensive because you do not need to purchase a lot of inventory up front.
  • Flexibility, customization and choice: Your customers can choose from a variety of products and designs.
  • Provider handles shipping and fulfillment: You don’t need to worry about shipping or fulfilment, as the provider will handle it.
  • Variety without Inventory: Offer a variety of products without keeping a large inventory.
  • Design testing without financial risk: Flexibility in experimenting with products and designs.

Showing the Operational Mechanisms of POD: An Illustrative Example

Imagine you are a graphic artist and have decided to sell your designs on T-shirts.

  1. Select a Print-on-Demand Service After doing some research, choose a service that provides high-quality printing, and integrates well with WooCommerce.
  2. Create and Upload Your Design: You create a unique design featuring a quirky quote. This design is uploaded to the POD platform.
  3. Select Products You decide to sell the design of your shirt on unisex tees available in different sizes and colors.
  4. Create Your Internet Store You create your WooCommerce shop, and integrate it with POD. You set a retail price for your t-shirt of $25.
  5. Orders A customer comes to your WooCommerce shop, likes your design and orders a T-shirt.
  6. Shipping and Printing : The order is sent to the POD service. The POD service will print your design on a tee-shirt, and then ship it to the customer. Say the production cost and shipping costs were $15.
  7. Profits You pay $15 to POD. Profit is the remaining $10 ($25-$15).

Here is an example of Print on Demand in action for an online business. You can focus on artwork design and marketing products while the POD service takes care of production and shipping.

Successful Case of earning money through artwork

” Crown & Paw” is a good example of a print-on-demand business that has been successful. This unique brand creates custom pet portraits using rare Renaissance oil paintings and authentic 19th century portraits.

Crown & Paw, according to information available, has enjoyed remarkable success since it was founded. Galen Walker, the founder of the company, spoke about its rapid growth in an interview with Starter Story. The company generated over $1 million dollars in revenue during its first year. Sales quickly approached the $2 million mark.

Their success can be attributed in part to their unique product offering, their deep understanding of the target market (pet parents), and their effective use of social media marketing. Crown & Paw’s online presence is strong, with an Instagram following exceeding 200k, and many positive reviews on their site.

Who says art can’t make money? Artists can earn money through their art, sometimes even more than an average salary, or even make a fortune!

There are many channels available for selling your artwork once you start your POD business

There are numerous E-Commerce platforms available where you can sell your products. Examples include Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and even your own online store (We can provide support in online marketing and technical aspects)

Taking action is the key to success

Although success requires many factors, including market positioning, promotional methods, design popularity, and a component of luck.

One of the essential keys to success is taking action.

In this business model, even if you fail, your cost of loss will be low. Plus, you will accumulate valuable online business experience for your next success. QPMN hopes that you will realize your artistic dreams and will assist you in achieving them.

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