Maze War Chapter 1

Maze War Chapter 1

This chapter is about Helen, the most beautiful goddess descending to earth, a cute meet brought her and Titan together and set an indissoluble bond for them. The instant chemistry made them sacrifice the world for each other.

The moment Titan saw Helen, he knew he had to have her. Helen could have had anything or anyone she wanted, but she fell passionately in love with Titan.

Everyone objected to their love and used every means to separate them. A strong trust and abiding tenderness Helen and Titan shared brought them hand in hand against the world.

Their relationship was volatile, many external factors that could have damaged it but they risked it all to win the love of life. This part will be continued in the next chapter.

Maze War Playing Card

Pioneering idea in the universe

It’s a brand new idea. Unprecedented fun game which combines two games in a small, easy to carry playing card. As a playing card game and puzzle! So buying our version of a 55-card deck can gain double fun!

2 games in 1 playing card

Did you notice that every card has a different design? Putting the cards in the right position can make it a nice graphic. Just like playing jigsaw puzzles, you need to put every piece to the right spot. Isn’t it fun to switch a poker card game into jigsaw puzzles in no time?

Create your own Maze War Chapter 1

You have your own Maze War story! In the Mazy war builder, you can freely customize your story based on our greek-myth background.  As an euthaists designer, I have created for you favorite characters of the story, that you can freely drag and drop to where you want it to be, making the best version of your unique Maze War. 
(It is recommended to try it on a computer for a better experience.)

Hot stamped foil + Gold Gilt Edge

We used hot stamped foil and added luxurious gold gilt edging to create a shiny and special finish to our puzzle playing card and the box of it.

That gives it a more luxurious look and is highly visible, in other words, our product is more attention-grabbing! Not to mention that one of the top benefits of foil stamping is that the finished product is not only valuable but sustainable in the long run!

Premium quality of material – Superior smooth card stock with black core (smooth finish)

QPMN will start the production after this project has successfully been backed. They select the highest quality of card –  smooth card stock , it has an extra smooth finish and is a card stock which is considered to be one of the finest available. 

This card stock provides more visual contrast than standard stock, keeping the graphics printed on each card vivid in colors.

This card stock is a top choice for game card creators. It is absolutely the best one in smooth card surfaces and quality – looks cleaner, extra durable, and possesses a superior feel to them. 

Uncut Sheet (Add-on)

Did you know we print all cards in one sheet and trim them out individually? There’s a thing called bleed, which is the edge of where the sheet will be trimmed. 

The bleed gives the printer a small amount of space to account for natural movement of the paper during guillotining, and design inconsistencies. Artwork and background colors often extend into the bleed area.

We provide customization options. After you submit your design, QPMN will start calculating the bleed area for you and make sure there’s no unprinted edges in the final trimmed document.