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Print on demand jigsaw puzzles

is one of the best healthy distractions and escapes from the world around you and keeps your mind active During Covid-19, coronavirus keeps millions of Americans indoors, and there’s a sharp increase in the demand for jigsaw puzzles. The trend is going extra strong when people now stay home more and jigsaw puzzles are becoming a popular game for house parties.  However, there are so many similar jigsaw puzzles out there on market. Why not try a new business model of print-on-demand Jigsaw Puzzles?

print-on-demand jigsaw puzzle

QP Market Network ( abbreviation as QPMN) just launched 2 new series of jigsaw puzzles for all fanatical fans of culture and Greek myth. ‘Chinese Ethnic Harmony’, ‘Maze War’ and 3 series for kids – ‘The Furry Farm‘, ‘My Little Princess‘ and ‘My Little King‘.

Chinese Ethnic Harmony’ is from a Chinese culture enthusiast, who hopes to introduce this profound history and tradition through the puzzle, spreading the message of exploring beautiful history. Learn about the ethnic groups and their own unique culture, customs, dress, etc – From some of the biggest and most well known to the smallest and most obscure.

Maze War’ is inspired by an original story that was created by the designer herself. A Greek myth that leaves us an invaluable heritage of tales with envious gods, courageous heroes, epic adventures, and stories of vengeance and love. One of the channels to explore Greek mythology, religion, and gods in classical literature and art. 

Let your customers add a bit of themselves and customize it to their fav versions on print-on-demand jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles exist across the century. Having fun topics and characters can spruce up the toy, which helps to make puzzles suitable for all ages – a solitary activity or a collaborative activity with someone else.

Print-on-Demand (POD) service – The best way to make your custom jigsaw puzzle outstanding 

Try QPMN! With a platform that provides POD service, you can freely create and design your product. You can upload an image and edit it on the QPMN builder.  You may choose the series available online and customize it. For example, if you choose ‘Maze War’, you can select some of your favorite characters and have them in your design. And of course, you can drag it to any position as you wish and make it your own version of ‘Maze War’. Making it an infinite possibility and more than any puzzles you could find in the market. 

Save your effort. QPMN POD service handles your fulfillment 

If you are an E-shop owner, QPMN will be a golden chance for you to diversify the product line. Download the QPMN plugin to make customization more convenient and easier for you and your customers. Anyone can use the builder on your website to customize their jigsaw puzzles. Once you confirmed the orders, our team will start the fulfillment and you can just sit back and make money. Register Now!

print on demand jigsaw puzzles

The print-on-demand business model quickly expands your business from offline to online

The competition between retail and e-commerce is already going in a precise direction, where e-commerce will take the lead.

E-commerce is not something new, companies like Amazon or eBay were founded almost 25 years ago. Few key reasons that e-commerce is beating retail.

  1. Inventory: Handling the inventory is one of the most difficult tasks for an e-shop owner. Certainly, to make good sales, you have to follow the latest trend and predict its popularity of it. 

Thus, the forecast is the key to success in business but you may not always be right. As a result, you’ll miss a chance of earning more if you order less than you need. However, if your order exceeds the optimal quantity, the stocks will be stuck in your warehouse for a few years. Choosing QPMN for your business model will help you produce the exact quantity that you need. 

2. Price: E-commerce companies run at lower costs compared to retail, which will be reflected in the final price. 

3. Availability: Online shopping is very convenient and common nowadays. This is especially true when customers are looking for something specific or something hard to find in your region, finding it online will be the best solution. E-commerce definitely is superior to retail in this area.

4. Analysis: E-commerce is the most accurate way to know what your customers like. You can infer from the sales history that the type of design or product is the most popular. The analysis will help you work better on sales & marketing. 

Bulk Order Discount for Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

You have 100% control right for price setting. QPMN offers you bulk order discount even for different jigsaw puzzle designs. You can save the cost by consolidating customers’ orders into one QPMN purchase order. The more order you combine, the more money you will save.

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