What is QPMN

QPMN Provides Next-Gen Print-on-Demand Services and a platform for Designers and E-shops to Collaborate

The following example illustrates how smart collaboration among designers, eShops and QPMN collaborate can provide a Next-gen Print-on-Demand (POD) drop shipping Services.

How QPMN can help



  • Talents who create a huge number of creative designs (artworks, patterns, IPs, etc.).

  • Need marketing experts to promote their ideas​

  • They need nice products to let their designs shine

QP Market Network


  • Provide customizable products & online builders

  • Responsible for production and shipping

  • Provide a platform where designers and online stores owners to meet for mutual benefits

e-Shop owners


  • Talents who are seasoned in running successful e-shops.

  • They have limited budget for creating nice designs

  • They need nice products to sell