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Phone cases mostly aim for robust protection for your beloved device. However, if you find those too heavy and bulky, this canvas phone bag should be your perfect choice.

Made of Eco-friendly Materials
Not only does the canvas phone bag safeguard your phone, but it also helps protect the environment with all the natural materials used and the production process.

Simplistic Design in Mind
The handcraft with embroidery should suit anyone who likes the simple design concepts. The bag is more than just holding the mobile phone for you, it also looks stylish!

Canva Phone Bag is Durable and Wear-resistant
Martin canvas, lining fabrics, and non-woven cloth together have made it such a high-quality phone bag. It is handy, lightweight and durable, providing protection against sweat and sunlight.

Ways to Bring with You
You can have the smartphone and bag inside your bag. Or, wear it on your shoulder with the belt and buckle. Now, you can get going in seconds, perfect for going for a walk and dining blocks away.

  • Type: Canvas Phone Bag
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Dimensions: 17.8cm X 11.8cm
  • Material: Durable 14 oz. canvas
  • Delivery packaging: with delivery envelope or packaging box
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