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Design & Sell your own custom playing cards with QPMN, the best game cards print-on-demand & dropshipping company for photo quality decks with no minimum, no upfront cost nor inventory.

QPMN is the subsidiary of the QP Group. With over 35 years in game cards printing experience, we’ve been partnering with different business all over the world, helping them better engage customers with our custom playing cards. Select and sell custom playing cards with QPMN in a print-on-demand dropshipping mode. No minimum order, no inventory, no setup cost nor inventory! Learn more

Plenty of customized playing card decks options

We all play our card games in different ways, and game cards could be used for other purposes, like collection or magic performance. Since everyone has different needs on their cards, we provide plenty of options for our business partners at QPMN. So, you can select any card decks that suit your business or design needs, and give your customers the freedom to customize them the way they want.

Regardless of the specifications, we can guarantee that our custom playing cards are consistent and worthy. Everyone can enjoy fair games with our cards. The cards are both water- and dirt-proof, and the quality and durability will not let you down.

Custom playing cards: What can you design?

Card Face:

The card face is designed and drawn by our talented design team. Our printing technology will guarantee the best quality you can get. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are also clear to read and identify.


A special blue core layer is embedded in the middle of each card, which limits lights from shining completely through. The aim is to protect the cards from seeing through from any angle.

Full Color Print:

Our experience in printing will ensure that our game cards are of great value in the market. The deep and rich spectrum of colors will blow your mind!

Custom Game Card Finish:

There are two options available: Gloss Finish and QPMN Finish.

Gloss Finish - Not only does the layer of gloss UV coating make the deck stylish, but it can also protect the cards from damage or scratches. The cards are more durable than ever and make them the perfect option for games with kids. Besides, the shining edges have given the cards a premium look.

QPMN Finish – Our personalized playing cards are protected with a matte layer, which helps preserve the printing on the surface. The finishing can also reduce the reflection off the cards, while you can feel the smoothness that significantly enhances playability.

Back Design:

Normally, the 54 cards are of the same designs at the back. However, in case you want different designs for any purposes, here we bring you the "Four Back Design" option. It allows you to have different personalized back designs for each suit.

Custom Card Box Design:

We also offer two selections in deck box. Should the custom playing cards be a gift or collection, you may want to design a custom tuck box exclusive to the deck. Simply customize the box with your design, as for the card back. Alternatively, you can go simple and opt for the minimal version, i.e. shrink-wrap.