How to setup WooCommerce Plugin

How to use QPMN Plugin

1. install plugin and add product

Step 1 : Register a QPMN partner account

Before download our woo-commerce, you must create a QPMN partner account. Please click ‘Register’ on top right corner to register.

Step 2 : Visit your e-shop dashboard

After registration, go back to your e-Shop dashboard and click Plugin > Add New on the left menu.

Step 3 : Search ‘QPMN’ on woo-commerce

On the Add Plugin page, search ‘QPMN’ in the searching bar.

Step 4 : Install and activate QPMN Plugin

After you found QPMN plugin, click ‘Install Now’ and ‘Active’. 

Step 5 : Connect your partner account with plugin

You have installed QPMN, successfully. Now please click ‘QP Market Network’ on the left Menu and click ‘Connect to QPMN’.

Step 6 : Redirect and login

You will be redirected back to QPMN website. Please login with your partner account registered on Step 1.

Step 6 : Login successfully

You will be redirected back to your e-shop. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

Step 7 : Add products to your e-shop

Select a product on this page and click ‘Create Product’ to add that product to your eshop. Repeat this step if you would like to add another product.

Step 8 : Add your design into your products

Same as step 7, select a product on this page and click ‘Create your own template’ to add that product with your design. You can create your template with plain product ONLY.

Step 9 : Remember to publish your products

Go to ‘Product’ on your left menu, add price for your products and click publish and that’s it. Your customers can now find the new QPMN products on your e-shop.

2. Transfer and combine order with discount

Step 10 : Transfer your order to QPMN

After you receive customer’s order from on QPMN product, you may transfer these product and combine it with bulk discount.

Go to QPMN plugin on your left menu and click order. Click ‘Create QPMN order’ for each order. Then, press ‘Combine your order’.

Step 11 : Combine your order to enjoy bulk discount

We allow users to enjoy bulk discount by combining the same product on different order with different design.

Tick the product you want settle and press ‘combine’. Check the price, shipping address and cost. Then, proceed to checkout.


You may click the button to download QPMN plugin and install to your e-shop

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