Frequently Asked Questions

Placing an Order

Q. Is there a setup fee?

A. No setup fee is required for any of our personalized products. There are no hidden charges. You pay for the cost of your customers’ order, plus the applicable shipping charge. That’s all.


Q. What is the minimum quantity required to order?

A. Due to our advanced digital process, there is no minimum quantity required to order. You can order one of each of our products, or you can order a thousand of each of our products. It’s entirely up to your needs.


Q. Do I have to create an account in order to open a SnapShop?

A. No. You do not need an account to use our SnapShop service. However, you need a QPMN partner account to consolidate your customers’ orders.


Q. What is your pricing policy?

A. While we make every effort to ensure that all prices shown on our websites are accurate and up to date, sometimes error do error. Should this happen, reserve the right to alter the product prices on the website.


Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept PayPal. We also accept payments by telegraphic transfer for bulk orders upon further agreement with our customer services.


Q. Is it safe to use my credit card for purchase from your store?

A. Yes, it is. Rest assured both your personal and credit card information submitted to our site is safe, thanks to the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)* technology we utilized. With the use of SSL technology, your information sent to us will be encrypted as it travels through the network, which only we can decode it. It helps preventing your sensitive information (such as credit card number, registered information, photo uploaded) from failing into the wrong hands!

Also we use PayPal* as one of our secure payment gateway for transactions. If you choose to pay for your gifts using PayPal, for sure you know that your information is under the flag of its Industry-leading fraud prevention technology and policies.

For more information, go to:


Q. How do I know you received my online order?

A. You will receive confirmation from us by email as soon as your order is received, and again the day your order is shipped. Our shipping confirmations include tracking numbers with quick links to Post Offices and USP, for up to the minute tracking!


Q. Can I cancel or modify my order?

A. Your order enters our production facilities immediately upon placement of your order, it is extremely important that you review your order for correctness prior to submission. Check your spelling, dates and names very carefully. Cancellations or changes to personalized orders cannot be accepted once you have completed and placed your order. Completion of your order confirms and acknowledges that you have reviewed and verified the accuracy of your entire order before it was sent.-


Q. Do you offer Quantity Discounts?

A. The more you order. The more you save. We offer quantity discounts on large orders of the same item. If you are organizing a family reunion or planning your wedding, check out our quantity discount at product details.


Q. Are there any credit card transaction fees?

A. International credit card transactions may incur an international transaction fee or a foreign transaction fee, which are generally a percentage of your overall purchase price. Please contact your credit card issuing bank for further details on how much they charge.


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