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Start Earning Much by Custom Products

With QPMN Shopify App, you can immediately turn your store into a customization one, that lets customers add their creativity to our designer or blank products. We will continue adding products and nice designs to enrich your catalog.

  • lets you earn more by selling our custom print-on-demand dropship designer products.

  • It is totally FREE of charge forever.

  • Our catalog: Jigsaw Puzzles, Fanny Pack, Playing Cards (coming soon), and more.

YOU Decide Your Cost

You can earn a deep bulk discount for different designs from your customers in the same orders or across multiple orders. Do this just by consolidating different orders into ONE consolidated order and checking out at (you must have a QPMN account – Register one NOW, it’s free), even orders are accumulated for a few days.

  • We offer a bulk discount based on the quantity of the “Consolidated Order” – accumulated from different orders with different designs in any few days (you decide)
  • Register a partner account at to learn more about our tiering prices and designer products.
  • There is NO minimum order quantity (MOQ)

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Choose QPMN (QP Market Network) as your partner to transform a good idea into global success. We build up a system to fit all modern e-commercers to level up their Online Store with thoughtful support.

Customizable Products include:

Expand your business globally

Want to make your initial business plan into a household name? Join QPMM to experience a superior level of e-commerce platform. We provide a smart product designer tool for users to customize their product – enable you and your customers to design and customize any kind of product.

With QPMN, you can focus on building your store. All you need to do is to upload your design, add it to your store. Once your orders start rolling in, we’ll print, fulfill and ship your products under your brand at our in-house factory. We ship globally.

Build connections & reach milestones

With the QPMN plugin, an easily operated system — you can be a designer of any e-shop. All the e-shop with our plugin can access your design and apply it to their products. Once someone purchases a product with your design, you will receive the commission. For all people with extraordinary art sense, it is a key step to become a globally well-known designer and earn your place on the international stage.

Buy more to get a better price

The bulk discount is applicable for customers purchasing the same products with various designs! You will also get a bulk discount by buying a large quantity of one product with more than one design. In other words, we eliminate the limit of other e-commerce platforms, you now can have more pattern choices for your products at a discounted price.

How does QP Market Network work?

After you receive orders from your customers, you may send those order to QPMN website and consolidate into one order. Our experienced team will start the production and ship it to the customers under your brand. You can then see your order, revenue, and profit statistics on your Shopify dashboard.

Learn more about the Shopfiy + QP Market Network integration here:

With Shopify + QP Market Network, you get:

  • Control over your profit: Set the retail price for the product, we only charge you the production cost. The rest is your profit.
  • Free design templates: User-friendly product designer tool for you to be creative!
  • Product customization: your customers can customize the product themselves via QPMN APP
  • Stress-free shipping: We are responsible for all lost shipment. The shipping methods offered by us are with tracking.
  • Support: Get in touch with us using chat or email



    Last updated:

12 Jan 2022

    PHP Version:

5.6 or higher




  1. Please ensure you are a partner of QPMN before you follow the steps below.
  2. To use this app, you first need to have a Shopify site.
  3. Go to App column in Shopify admin page.
  4. Press customize your store and search QPMN ‑ Print‑on‑Demand
  5. Click add app and you are good to go!


For more detail, please go through our user guide for installation.

Face any problem? Get in touch with us using chat or email

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